EP Review: Cairiss – Fall

It’s usually better to be late than never in most cases. In the case of this debut EP from Southampton based post Black Metal quintet CAIRISS this most certainly applies. Their EP Fall was released at the beginning of June and it has been on the listening list since then; it’s more than safe to say it was worth the wait.

Before going into more detail about the EP here’s some info about the band; forming in Southampton, UK they released their first demo track Disgraced in 2014. This EP Fall is going to be a hard one to top.

It opens so majestically with the track For The Lives He Stole; there is a jaw-dropping fusion of beautiful sirenesque sounds consisting of mesmerising vocal work and orchestras with crushing guitars, thunderous drums and screeching cries. They all say opposites attract and CAIRISS prove solid evidence of this within the sheer depth and beauty of their sound. This remarkable standard is kept throughout the EP; tracks Disgraced and Fall continue to show this mystifying and inspiring fusion.

There are couple highlights to this record; the melodies for one are just stunning, they take you away from reality. Brutality and beauty are a great combination in the metal community. The second highlight is the vocal talent provided by Freyja Brown; her ability to sing like a siren one minute and to scream like a banshee the next is absolutely incredible.

Overall this record is incredibly immersive; it will leave you wanting more even moments after listening to it. Expect a racing heart and to be rooted to the spot when listening to it.

Those of you who are fans of the band ALCEST or if you metal heads want to try something new, give this EP a spin.

Find Cairiss on Facebook, BandCamp and their official website.

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