EP Review: Xerosun – This Dark Rage

Xerosun - This Dark Rage - Cover

Don’t you just love being woken with a sound that makes you want to break out a mosh pit anywhere in the world? That all familiar sensation to metal heads can be felt in the first few seconds of a new EP titled This Dark Rage. This concoction is brought to you by Melodic Death Metallers XEROSUN; from the first few bars of their sound they show us they are not messing around.

XEROSUN are located in Dublin, Ireland and they are making more than an impression in their homeland. They have made a live television debut performing to around five hundred thousand people. They have also supported Rock/Metal giants AVENGED SEVENFOLD on the Irish leg of their tour to a sold out Olympia Theatre. That alongside three other records under their belts it’s more than safe to say they are doing well.

Onto the EP itself, like mentioned in the first paragraph it gives you more than a wakeup call; it grabs you by the shoulders and throws you across the room. Its melodic grooves followed by the brutal vocals are a great way to start the proceedings. Throughout the EP you notice a very original sound combing and eclectic mix of influences; for example the soft piano intro at the beginning of Anatomy Of A Lie could remind one of Finnish Symphonic Storytellers NIGHTWISH whereas in the track The Mother Of Morality sounds similar to a track by Swedish Melodic Death heroes SCAR SYMMETRY.

Overall? It’s a pretty great EP that showcases inexplicable talent from this band. One can imagine these songs would be well received live.

Find Xerosun on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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