Album Review: Vivaldi Metal Project -The Four Seasons

vinyl_cover_2016-05-04When you see the words Vivaldi and Metal in the same sentence you cannot help being intrigued by an unusual concept. VIVALDI METAL PROJECT was concocted from an idea by Italian keyboard player, composer and producer Mistheria. This group consists of over a hundred and thirty talented classical and metal musicians, an orchestra, a string quartet and three choirs from all over the world. They have gathered together to re-create Antonio Vivaldi’s masterpiece ‘The Four Seasons’.  Some of the metal musicians come from some familiar household names such as RHAPSODY OF FIRE, KAMELOT, DELAIN, STRATOVARIOUS and HELLOWEEN.

In 2013, whilst everyone else was trying to create their own rendition of the Harlem Shake, the multi-talented composer was coming up with his own rendition of one of Vivaldi’s masterpieces. It took two years to re-create this masterpiece, a favourite from his childhood just to note.

The album itself represents a clever renovation of some classical masterpieces; the album starts off with an original track which includes grand choirs, beautiful arrangements that cleverly fuse Metal and Classical together. ‘Escape From Hell’ sets up what the listeners can expect for the duration of the album.

Hearing the familiar first few notes of ‘The Illusiuons Of Eternity’ which most of us will recognise as Vivaldi’s first movement of his classic ‘Spring’. To hear it being done in a completely different style to how the music fan is used to hearing it is exciting; especially when it’s done so well. This same logic applies to ‘The Age Of Dream’ which the classical listener will recognise as the first movement of ‘Autumn’.

From the sweet delightful sounds of Spring to the icy lashings of Winter, this super group of talent captures a classical masterpiece which can be used to teach the community of Vivaldi, who was a sensational composer, and his impact on music today. Particularly if this beautiful new rendition is anything to go on.

This album is a great example of opposites attracting to create something incredibly magical.

Find Vivaldi Metal Project on Facebook, Twitter and their official website

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