Album Review: Eden’s Curse – Cardinal

EdensCurse_Cardinal_Booklet.inddIf you hear a band has received praise from IRON MAIDEN legend Bruce Dickinson you can’t help but go and check them out. The band in question is multi-national melodic metal quintet EDEN’S CURSE and they manage to keep up this high standard on their upcoming album ‘Cardinal’, which is due for release 14th October 2016 via AFM Records. According to bassist Paul Logue they spent two years writing this album since their previous studio record ‘Symphony Of Sin’ was such a success. It is more than safe to say that two years of solid work has paid off.

This is the first studio album to feature drummer John Clelland as he appeared on their first live album ‘Live With The Curse’. It is also the first to feature new Finnish keyboard player Christian ‘Chrism’ Pulkkinen.

The record itself contains the most memorable melodies made up of the impeccable talent of five gifted musicians. It opens very grandly with the track ‘Prophets Of Doom’; it can be imagined that the lyric “We are the voices of consequence” will go down very well at live shows. Each track offers something completely special.

 ‘The Great Pretender’ is a huge sounding track with colossal riffs, thunderous beats and a great melody. This song could easily be played across audiences at large venues around the world.

 ‘Find My Way’ is the ballad of the track; this soaring song shows the talent of all five band members in a different light, particularly Nikola Mijic’s touching vocal work and the new melodies from Pulkkinen.

The funky, RED HOT CHILI PEPPER-esque beats and guitar work of ‘Kingdom Of Solitude’ provides something completely different; something that hasn’t been heard from this multi-national quintet before and it works very well.

Former LEAVES’ EYES vocalist Liv Kristine gives a stunning performance alongside Mijic in the track ‘Unconditional’ which has a very classic 80s feel good rock vibe.

And those are just a few examples of what can be found on this upcoming masterpiece, to find out more pre-order the album and see for yourself. Long-time fans of the band will not be disappointed whereas if you’re looking for something new to add to your CD collection it’s recommended you get yourself a copy.

Find Eden’s Curse on Facebook, Twitter and official website.

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