Live Review: Delain, Evergrey, Kobra And The Lotus @ The Engine Rooms, Southampton UK 16.11.2016


Queues going round the street, a full venue and a busy merchandise stall where punters parted with their hard earnt cash reinforces the statement that this was a night not to be missed. The event in question was a tour featuring Dutch Symphonic Metal troupe DELAIN, Gothenburg Dark Melodic outfit EVERGREY and Canadian no nonsense Heavy Metal group KOBRA AND THE LOTUS. This tour has been mentally saved in every metalheads mind and if every night was like their show in Southampton last night it was very easy to see why.

The stage area was very full for opening act KOBRA AND THE LOTUS; the past few years has seen their popularity and presence rise increasingly. The prevailing vocals, infectious energy and blistering guitar work were only a few factors to what made their set incredible to watch and experience. Another that was highly noticeable was the killer confidence coming from this Canadian troupe, they weren’t taking any prisoners at their show. Admiration from their fans was reinforced from the number of fans queuing to get things signed and taking selfies with the band. A grand choice to open the night.

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About two or three years ago, Swedish Dark Melodic Metal force EVERGREY were thinking of throwing in the towel all together. They didn’t think they would release another album let alone two. They showed Southampton that they aren’t going anywhere; everything about their set was simply majestic, from their impeccable lighting to remarkable renditions of their material. Fans were particularly excited to see the original line up from when they started twenty years ago. They performed new anthems such as ‘Passing Through’ and ‘In Orbit’ to classics such as ‘Broken Wings’ and ‘A Touch Of Blessing’. Their closer ‘King Of Errors’ was a poignant moment of their set, this was the song that marked their comeback and showed fans they are stronger than ever before.

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Over the past few years DELAIN have increasingly been gaining popularity and recognition within the UK ever since they opened up for WITHIN TEMPTATION at Wembley Arena in 2012. Their live shows often contain synchronised head banging, a brilliant selection of material from across their discography and infectious energy that passes onto the audience. Southampton’s show was no exception. Opening up with ‘The Hands Of Gold’ and ‘Suckerpunch’ were incredible belters, these were great to get the crowds warm. Their setlist included an eclectic selection from across their discography; from new album material such as ‘The Glory and the Scum’, ‘The Hurricane’ and ‘Fire With Fire’ to classics such as ‘April Rain’, ‘The Gathering’ and ‘Sleepwalkers Dream’ there was something to please new listeners and die hard fans. Their clear, tight sound went down very well with audiences.

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Overall, a majestic show that gave audiences a huge taste of the best talent in Modern Metal today, if they were to tour again together it’s recommended you go.

*Words by Lotty Whittingham

*Photography by Rikki Wolf

For full galleries click on the links below:

Delain, Evergrey, Kobra And The Lotus

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