Album Review: Hammerfall – Built To Last

684_hammerfall_cmykIf there were two words to describe HAMMERFALL’s brand new upcoming record it would be sheer power; from listening to this album several times it is crystal clear that the name ‘Built To Last’ is an extremely appropriate name for this masterpiece.  This is their ninth studio album they are due to release; it is more than safe to say that it is a proven treasure for long-time fans of the band and new listeners wanting to try something different.

If you have been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, HAMMERFALL formed in the year 1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Over these decades they have released numerous albums including ‘Legacy Of Kings’, ‘Crimson Thunder’ and their debut ‘Glory To The Brave’. Along with live shows all over the world at festivals and various tours, they have been crowned gods in the Power Metal community.

For those dedicated followers of the Power Metal scene, this album is solid proof why HAMMERFALL are a household name within this genre. The opening track ‘Bring It!’ is a great empowering track that sets the tone for what can be expected for the 48 minute duration of this record. This feeling of sheer empowerment is reinforced by grand sounding melodies such as the fist pumping gallant anthem ‘Sacred Vow’, graceful ballad ‘Twilight Princess’ and the heroic ‘The Star of Home’.

This album makes the most mundane of tasks seem like a grand epic adventure. This is reinforced with gallant melodies consisting of blistering guitar work, majestic choirs, thunderous drums and grand vocal work. Could this be the album of 2016? Most definitely.

Find Hammerfall on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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