Half Way Post: Songs That Have Made My Year (Pt. 2)


Hello and welcome back to songs that have made my year. So you probably would have seen part one of songs that have made my year so far; here are the next lot of songs that have made my year so far.


VISIONS OF ATLANTIS helped shape and develop my music taste, they were one of the first Symphonic Metal bands I came across and haven’t looked back. I had the pleasure to review their latest album and their title track The Deep And The Dark spoke to me. The lyrical contents such as “you are my antidote when the waves of doubt rush in” and “but you silence all my cries when you speak your loving words” tugged at the heartstrings and hit home. I have struggled with anxiety for a long time and when you have bad days, you can feel so alone and feel like a burden if you open up about your problems. These particular lyrics describe perfectly what my boyfriend, close family members and friends do for me when I start to have overwhelming thoughts, worries and stresses. With these lyrics and uplifting melody, it reminds me to stay strong when I feel like giving up. It reminds that I have to stay strong for my loved ones as their undying love and support has kept me going.


I came across this song when a friend shared this video in a Facebook group he runs. Having seen a more than enjoyable set from GRAILKNIGHTS when they were supporting VAN CANTO a couple of years ago I knew I needed to check it out. From the moment I pressed play, I didn’t look back. This song alone never fails to cheer me up with its upbeat melody and coupled with the video featuring superheroes and a Metal Joakim Brodén, it helps me feel elated. By about the third listen I knew most of the words, that’s how addictive this song is. If you like superheroes and metal or if you’re wanting to give metal a try and don’t know where to start, this song is for you.


Canadian force KOBRA AND THE LOTUS have been on my radar for a while now and their latest album Prevail II tugged at the heartstrings with it’s explosive content. Losing My Humanity kicks off the proceedings this powerful record has and it has become a firm favourite of mine. The dominant beat and empowering chorus work together particularly well to help you feel like you are on top of the world, even grabbing the air as you mouth the chorus. A great song if you need an empowering pick me up.

Last but not least the latest single Demon’s Are A Girl’s Best Friend from POWERWOLF. This upbeat track will no doubt become a Power Metal anthem with it’s memorable chorous and upbeat melody; I admit I am a sucker for songs that make you want to dance so it never fails to make me smile. I can only imagine how greatly this song will be received by fans when they perform it live to audiences this summer.

So those are the songs that have made my year so far, feel free to agree or disagree with the choices I have made. I would also love to hear what songs have made your year so far and I look forward to hearing more releases in the next half of the year.

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