Half Way Post: Songs That Have Made My Year So Far (Pt. 1)

You're Halfway There written on desert road

Wow, it’s half way through the year already! Still can’t quite believe it myself. There have already been some magnificent releases regarding albums this year and I have had the honour of listening to these fantastic records whether it’s for business or pleasure. From these albums, there has been an array of songs that have really stood out. These songs either reminded me to stay strong when times are tough or I have fun listening to them whilst imagining different scenarios. So here are the songs that have made my 2018 so far. Due to the amount of content in the post, I have decided to split it in half. Here is part one!


I happened to come across this one when browsing the internet. I have been a fan of LEAVE’S EYES for a little while now and was curious to know what their new vocalist brought to the table. Across The Sea from the latest LEAVE’S EYES record Sign Of The Dragonhead is a wonderful, uplifting folk melody that takes you away to another land away from reality for those few minutes. Elina Siirala’s vocal work along with the sweeping guitar riffs and Alexander Krull’s growls take us on a great journey and keep us from worrying about day to day lives. No matter how many times I play this song, it never fails to make me smile; which is why I am kicking off the article with this tune.


I understand that Over The Hills and Far Away isn’t exactly a new song. For those who don’t know, it was originally released in 1987 by Gary Moore. I first heard this a cover by Finnish Symphonic Metal Storytellers NIGHTWISH and since then it has become a favourite song. Patty Gurdy’s cover with a hurdy gurdy and vocals gives us a completely different take on the song altogether and it works very well. The echo effect on the vocals give this track that well know powerful atmosphere that the original song is able to do. I love this quirky cover and I always feel a sense of warmth when hearing the song.


I never thought I would see the words METALLICA and bagpipes being used in the same sentence but three very talented bagpipers from different parts of the world show us that this can be achieved in a fantastic way. USA born Chelsea Joy (Dame Of Drones), Archie Jay (The Snake Charmer) from India and Scottish Jane Epsie (The Phantom Piper) cover DROPKICK MURPHYS Shipping Up To Boston and merge it with METALLICA’s Enter Sandman on bagpipes; if you like either or both these bands and unusual covers then this is certainly for you. It also actually shows us how music can bring likeminded individuals together from all different cultures which is treasured and enjoyed by a variety of audiences. This is a cover worth checking out


KAMELOT have played a key part in shaping and developing my music taste; their grand songs have often helped me escape reality since my teenage years. I had the absolute honour of reviewing their latest release The Shadow Theory and The Phantom Divine became a firm favourite after the first listen. So naturally I was extremely excited when they released it as a single so I could show others this incredible song. The chorus is magnificent and empowering, especially with vocals from ONCE HUMAN’s Lauren Hart emphasising this. The Shadow Theory is out now, so if you like this song I highly recommend listening to the entire album.

Hope you like the choices so far, feel free to disagree. Here ends part one of my halfway post, stay tuned for the second half.



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