ALBUM REVIEW: Dishonour The Crown – The English Way

a0448858559_16If SLAYER and PANTERA had a conspicuous love child, DISHONOUR THE CROWN would fall into that category. After a hiatus, London based Thrashers are back and they are angrier than ever before. Their latest album The English Way is making a huge impact in the airwaves with its face melting thrash.

DISHONOUR THE CROWN formed in the year 2012; in the same year they released their six track EP Gone To The Dogs. A year later, they received a slot at Bloodstock Open Air. After five years away from the scene, they are back. To say they have come in with a bang would be an understatement.

The album starts in the deep end with rapid ruthlessness in the form of the title track. The authority and domination are there from the start. The song wastes no time getting stuck into the deep end; not just talking the musical arrangements. The lyrical content within this track gets you to think about how things are now in general. Lines such as “Turn our backs on those we view weak” and “Sacrificed for material wealth” hit the listener hard and gets to the reflect on those words.

Once you get past the growls and start listening (or reading) the lyrical content, there are some poignant opinions and statements being said. Particularly on how things are currently run. In a world of economical uncertainty and corrupt leadership, it’s brilliant to hear a metal band that takes these issues into account and expresses their voice in a way most of us can relate to. Anger.  If you are not used to Thrash or Death Metal, it might be hard to get your head around at first. Once you are over that hurdle, the music can make you feel empowered and inspired.

The track Contradictions is hard and brutal yet at the same time provides great example of the reflective lyrical content. It’s about the way things are, particularly in the UK. It’s no secret what the line “Win votes with promises, then all we get is contradictions” describes. For those who don’t, it is the depiction of how politicians win votes with empty promises. This track reflects how the general public feel about this; anger and fear, these feelings were executed brilliantly within the music and lyrics.

It’s clear that DTC is a track that will go down a treat at live shows. Particularly the call and response part of the song where the lines “DTC” and “Keep It Real” will sound great being shouted by the crowd. It is also one of the more uplifting tracks on the record. With the line “Your life is yours, it’s just a question of how you play it” brings fourth the message that your life is your own and how you live it is up to you. Not the government, not society but your own.

Ending on covers of STAMPIN GROUND’s Officer Down and PANTERA’s Strength Beyond Strength, makes it clear that The English Way has ensured DISHONOUR THE CROWN’s much needed return and to start an angry revolution against the powers of B.

WARNING: This album is not for the fainthearted or the easily offended.

Rating:  8/10

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