ALBUM REVIEW: Darkwater – Human

Think EVERGREY meets KAMELOT, add TEN into the mix and you get DARKWATER. The Swedish Melodic Progressive metal band’s have a record strong and profound melodies that will ensure an ever-growing fan base. They are due to release their third studio album Human and it’s a stunning release.

It’s no secret that humans are complex being with an array of functions, feelings and flaws. The album looks at how we affect the world around us and the struggles we deal with. This album gets those all across perfectly. Human was mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen, with an impressive portfolio of working with bands such as VOLBEAT, AMARANTHE and EVERGREY, will this band join this growing list? If Human is anything to go by, that possibility is definitely on the cards.

It starts off strong with A New Beginning. The opening piano melody provides remnants of EVERYGREY’s impactful single King Of Errors. When you scratch the surface and dig deeper, the KAMELOT type riffs and vocals kick in, creating something completely different. This fusion of different styles works together flawlessly to create fantastic representation of the complexities and triumphs that human’s face.

The tracks on the album help you stop and think about the things that are going on. At the same time it makes, the music intricate details encourage the listener to pay attention to every single detail. This same method appears across the album. Particularly in the longer tracks where there are so many different elements to the music.

One of the highlights of the album is the song writing. It is second to none. As mentioned before, humans are very complex beings and the songs do very well represent these emotions and pressures.

The song writing particularly stands out in the song Alive Pt. II. The striking chorus delivers a powerful message about having one life and making the most of what we have. It also gets across some harsh truths about taking things for granted. This song has a strong melody to match the solid message. Overall the message is empowering, particularly for when we need that kick up the backside every so often.

Production in the album is also very well placed together. Particularly when it comes to representing those complex elements that humans often go through in life. Insomnia is a great example of this production working it’s magic. It’s no secret that Insomnia is a very complex condition that can affect you physically and emotionally. There are many elements to this fantastic track. The ones that stick out are the middle eastern inspired arrangements that surround the striking chorus. It’s easily on par with a track by KAMELOT.  The lyrics in the chorus such as “When I close my eyes within this withered place” and “Here I lie awake embraced insomnia.” provide profound depths to the song.

Both top notch production and song writing come across in the track The Journey. This is a given cliché, but it heavily applies to this track:  Life is a journey full of triumphs and downfalls. The sweeping melodic arrangements could indicate this adventurous side of life. The bridge might represent the complex obstacles life throws at us. The triumphant chorus can mean hope and not giving up. Each individual can interpret this track differently.

This album is a melodic, progressive gem. It helps you to reflect and it will give you a sense of empowerment. Human is a fantastic representation of what we go through daily.

Rating:  9/10

Human will be released 1st March 2019 via Ulterium Records

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