ALBUM REVIEW: Eclipse – Paradigm

Rock isn’t dead and bands like ECLIPSE prove this is the case. If you are wishing for further evidence to support this claim, look no further than their upcoming release Paradigm. This will be their seventh studio album to be added to their already solid discography.

The album kicks off with a mighty opener Viva La Victoria that will no doubt be a stadium and festival anthem, it wouldn’t surprise me if it already is. As the title suggests the song emanates power, passion and some high-quality rock. This song contains chants that will sound brilliant echoed across arenas. This gives you a little taste on what’s to come on the rest of the album.

In these uncertain times, we need a beacon of hope and joy to help us feel stronger. Paradigm contains an eclectic selection of songs, the key thing they have in common is their ability to uplift spirits and encourage us to carry on. Below are just some examples of what this album has to offer.

Shelter Me is a very poignant track, one that resonated with me and I am sure lots of others will relate to this song. “Shelter me from the demons in my head” hits you hard. This line can apply to living with a mental illness, chronic illness, disability, mental health issues or if you’re feeling unsure of yourself. With a strong subject as that, they need to the musician ship to match; it is more than safe to say they deliver on that front. The chorus is powerful, the guitar work is solid and the vocals are dominant. I can imagine this song will go down well at live shows.

For those who are already fans of ECLIPSE, they may notice the track Delirious has some similarities to one of their previous songs Wake Me Up. I am not complaining personally since Wake Me Up was the track that got me into the band. What I like here is that they don’t sound too similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. Delirious has its own thing going on. The chorus in particular you will be singing along to or mouthing the words wherever you happen to be. Another thing these two songs have in common is a finger blistering guitar solo that will make you want to practice air guitar wherever you happen to be.

With a title like The Masquerade, it needs huge sound to match. ECLIPSE delivers on this front. Within the first minute, you feel that power and inspiration to take on anything. This comes from the marching beat, vocals that can fill an arena and solid guitar work. This song will no doubt bring out your inner showman and make you want to grab the air wherever you happen to be.

Take Me Home provides us with one last blast before ending the album on a brilliant note. It also leaves us hankering for more. This album will be a Hard Rock treasure for long time fans and new listeners a like.   

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Paradigm will be released this Friday via Frontier Music SRL.

Find ECLIPSE on Facebook and their official website.

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