ALBUM REVIEW: Tillian – Lotus Graveyard

TILLIAN are a progressive rock band who formed in 2014. They are from Tel-Aviv Israel and are influenced by the bands PAIN OF SALVATION, ARYEON and Kate Bush. The band released their debut album Lotus Graveyard on April 20th 2019. The album has eleven songs. Below is a breakdown of each of these tracks.

Reborn starts off with a haunting cello that leads to a piano piece, which is complimented with a guitar. You can feel the passion flowing from her soul through the beautiful haunting lyrics.

Touched starts with a ticking noise alongside an uplifting delicate tune. This is followed by an acoustic guitar alongside a cello. This completes the melodic experience by leading to guitar that enhances the musical feast. It flows through your body caressing every sense gently and effortlessly inspiring you to listen to more of this captivating music.

In Frozen Sun, you can feel yourself embark on a journey that she tells you through the lyrics. There are similar elements in the lyrics and vocals that remind me of ORPHANED LAND.

In the track I’m Too Close, it’s clear that love that is fought to win is requited. This unnoticed due to the closeness of one another, it starts to create friction in the companionship. Atmospheric melodic backing music, beautifully played guitar. You can hear the Kate Bush influence in her vocals I’m this particular track.

With Monster, I feel pain and regret in this song. Particularly where she is referring herself to as a monster, not letting in love after being hurt. The story is told through visual feast of passion that flows over my body and soul. The song kicks off with a mesmerising guitar riff that catches your attention. This is in order to prepare you for the beauty of the vocals to complete with electronic music. In order to keep you guessing the style then creeps in Spanish elements.

Moonlight Dancer reminds me of the childhood, particularly wanting to experience the thoughts and feelings of the past. It starts off with chanting and an acoustic guitar together with the beauty of the cello.

Black Holes recreates a tale of rising above the harsh treatment of others and self-development. There are electronic elements fused with middle Eastern style vocals paired with guitars

Caught In The Slough is in an instrumental piece starts with Electronic music paired with fast paced guitar synchronisation slots together beautifully

The Beggar focuses on the sorrow and heartbreak after dealing with the pain, it longs to give away the wants of being able to love without the negative consequences it brings. I shed a tear listening to this haunting song, I felt the passion and sorrow flowing through her lyrics. There is a beautiful melodic classic backtrack that’s accompanied by a cello. They fit together very well.

Love And Heaven tells a tale of life being complicated. It particularly looks trying to create a connection in a world where a decision that has to be made between ambition or sacrifice. It starts with powerful melodic vocals accompanied by harsh gruff vocals, which features guitars and electronic music.

In the track Earth Walker, you can feel yourself embark on a journey that she tells through the lyrics. It tells the story of a creature that she simplifies with. The cello harmonizes with the piano, which creates an emotional experience.

I found myself listening to this album in a quiet environment. It was in this environment where the music’s beauty caused me to sit in awe with anticipation. The music building up to each song didn’t leave me disappointed. This album comes is highly recommended.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Becky Weale

Lotus Graveyard is out now.

Find TILLIAN on Facebook and their official website.

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