ALBUM REVIEW: Soulsplitter – Salutgenesis

Come one come forth to sample this phenomenal, majestic and ear pleasing triumph that is SOULSPLITTER.

I see that now I have your attention. I was given the opportunity to review this album, different from my usual taste.

SOULSPLITTER hail from Germany and they started their journey to create their debut concept album Salutgenesis. It took four years to write along with fifty people involved in the making of the record – singers, guest musicians, producers, visual artists etc.

On this adventure into the world of cinematic prog rock we start with the track The Prophecy. It starts off with a string quartet that entices us into a musical whirlwind of passion, sorrow and adrenaline. The twist is the gruff deep vocals of the narrator uttering the words, “turn your head open your ears your darkness fears turn into threats” sent a shiver down my spine. A short but sweet piece. But also enough to tease our taste buds into continuing this musical feast.

The song The Transition teases the listener by slowly building up the music, the piece is principally part piano and organ. You then get an introduction in the vocals, there is a haunting female voice that is so captivating. Out of nowhere comes harrowing gruff growls “Stop resisting! Trust your instincts!”.  Then a perky happy singing style to pick up the mood. A beautifully presented and performed piece.

The Moloch kicks off with a growly verse as well as melodic chorus. The main riff seems to remind me of HAKEN. It has a well-orchestrated guitar solo in the middle. It also has a beautiful balanced track cemented together with melodies and a death metal vibe

The atmosphere in The Maze lures one in like a mouth-watering smell of fresh bread. It has an abundance of piano, a jazzy synth solo and another awe-inspiring guitar solo. The vocals caress your soul like silk, the mesmerising beauty the singer has to offer is that has you admiring the talent. The lyrics that caught my attention were “don’t be afraid this is your fate follow the maze.”

The Sunset is an instrumental piece starts off with a piano that flows into guitar chords. It’s a short but beautifully written piece.

The Dream starts off with a haunting solo guitar, followed by the beauty of a solo violin. It has a stunning guitar solo that gives it a jazz vibe. In places of the song, it sounded jumbled in parts but as the song progressed it actually made the musical elements fit together like a puzzle piece.

The Eye of the Cyclone hasa stunning, sincere duet between two gifted singers with a beautiful classic background. I felt myself losing my cares in the haunting style of the music, I felt her enchanting vocals caress my heart with its sorrow.

The Sacrifice hasan unexpected keyboard solo that proved to be very jazzy. You then get the crescendo of guitars, the vocals also start dominating with its passionate ornate emotion presence. While listening to the style and lyrics of the song I was reminded of the band SYMPHONY X

Salutogenesis is by far proof of the work of the creative talent that is SOULSPLITTER.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Salutogenesis is out now.

Find SOULSPLITTER on Facebook and their official website.

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