“You’re Not Alone is a very good anthem at the end, people really celebrate it and it looks great when the audience participate.”

KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are on a mission to bring back stadium rock. They do this through their solid music and sterling live shows. Whilst on their Ecstasy tour, Lotty spoke to drummer Andi Schnitzer moments before their first UK headline show taking place at The Underworld, Camden. They spoke about the tour, their latest single Cadillac Maniac and answered a couple of reader’s questions.

Hello Andy, thank you for joining us today. How are you doing?

It’s good to be here, we started our tour three or four days ago. We are slowly getting into a groove and yesterday we were in Paris which was awesome. It’s very cool to be playing in London for the very first time as a headliner. We’re very proud of this because England is a special country for us. A lot of our influences come from here.

You performed with Powerwolf earlier this year. I spoke to Jim (Müller) last year about different audiences and he mentioned German audiences are very polite. How do you find British crowds?

Germans sometimes have a stick in their arse during the song. They really like it but they feel like they cannot show it so much. When you finish the song, they really clap and cheer. In every other country, the audiences are more passionate during the songs and that includes England.

So how has the tour been going so far?

We were in Majorca for Metal Holiday and that was a really cool show. We were then in Germany for one show, then Paris and now in London. It’s been going really good so far and as I said, we have got a good groove and a great sound.

This tour is promoting your latest album “Ecstasy”! Which songs off the album do you enjoy performing live the most?

I’ve Got The Fire is one of my favourites, not just playing it but in general. You’re Not Alone is a very good anthem at the end, people really celebrate it and it looks great when the audience participate.

You have also just released ‘Cadillac Maniac’ with The Baseballs, so how did that collaboration come about?

We didn’t know the guys personally but we knew that one of the guys Sam [Sven Budja] was from the town we come from. Our manager had contacted us about this collaboration, Sam and Hannes [Braun] both wrote the song together. I think it’s really cool mixture of those two styles that functions better than anyone could have imagined. This is also a bit of fun between two albums, it’s a kick ass party song.

Where was the video filmed?

It was filmed in a studio in Cologne with a big Cadillac. I remember we only had three hours; we drank, partied and shot the video.

I take it this is a standalone single for now, is there new material in the making? I mean after this tour has been done.

We tried it once but we realised we don’t write whilst on tour. There are of course new ideas always brewing. We’re not in the song writing process at the moment due to the tour.

A couple of questions from the readers, first one is what inspired you guys to make your own music?

The music of our parents influenced us, I would say their music was much cooler than our friend’s music at school, our generation. We discovered Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Guns N Roses and loved that stuff. We then formed a band ourselves with these ideas of bands and kept on going. At the end of the day we wanted to start our own and write our own songs. We started slowly and it worked out very well.

Another question I got from a reader, have you experienced stage fright or anxiety?

Yes always, a little bit but I always find that to be a good thing as it keeps you focused. It would be strange to go on stage as if you were going to do something like brushing your teeth. Another reason to get on stage is to feel that adrenaline rush. As long as you’re not getting too anxious!

You have the rest of the tour, what’s in store for Kissin’ Dynamite?

We will finish the tour, then we will have a long break. We have been touring a lot; with Powerwolf last Fall and earlier this year. We then had our big headliner tour in Spring then many festival appearances and now this tour.

Thank you Andi for taking the time to talk to Rock Out Stand Out today and hope the show goes well tonight.

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