ALBUM REVIEW: Nightwalkers – Conviction

NIGHTWALKERS latest album Conviction has been out for a little while now. Here is a break down of all the tracks.

It opens with Metal Land and to be honest it doesn’t really sound much like a Thrash album. The vocals and the guitars don’t sound as heavy as I thought they were going to be but I persevered and listened to the whole track. As I am not going to judge a song or an album by one part of a song.  However, when you get halfway through things change for the better.

The instrumentation Across the Fire is a lot more Thrash sounding than the previous track, which is excellent. The guitars have the heavy distorted sound a Thrash Metal band you would expect. This also applies to the drums and the bass.

Heroes Of Justice kicks off with a great headbanging guitar riff, a thumping bass guitar and thunderous drumming. The only criticism I have about this song is the vocal style.

Life Breaker has a great intro consisting of great fast paced and skilled instrumentation. The vocal style, that I criticised earlier, has changed.

King Of Delight has very thrashy intro alongside a kickass solo from their lead guitarist. This song is very entertaining to listen to and there are moments where you want to headbang to it and even air guitar to it.

Relativa Realidad is sung in Spanish – the band’s native language. I think that is awesome a band from a non-English speaking country singing in their native language. The instrumentation in this song is brilliant and it’s a very energetic song.

Fading Away starts off with a mellow but dark sounding bass with a chilled-out guitar riff. It then all kicks off at lightning speed; which is fantastic. The tempo then slows down again halfway through and it changes the mood for the listener which great.

Requiem Of A Nation is an excellent song. It is heavy, catchy and energetic. Even though the tempo of this song is slower than the other songs on the album it makes me want to headbang to it when I listen to it.

Face Your Fears is a very fast, very heavy and very Thrash like song; you hear this just by listening to the first ten seconds. The song is very energetic, which is crucial for a Thrash Metal band. It’s a very entertaining song with excellent musicianship. This might be my own taste coming into play, I don’t think the band should not have made it so long as I feel it did drag on a bit. Despite that being said, it is overall a good song.

A heavy guitar riff at the beginning of Nitrogenesis kicks things off. I can imagine this would be a very good song to see live. However, when listening to it through speakers and headphones; it somewhat lacked the energy that other songs on the album had.

My Victory closes the album and it starts off with a very Thrash like guitar riff. It then kicks off with the main riff, which is very fast. All these things are essential for a Thrash band. People can sing along to; the thing that lets it down is that it does drag on like the previous song. 

Even though the musicians are very skilled and energetic in some songs, there are other factors that bring this band down. Mainly the production quality, it could have been better as it wasn’t loud enough. I also feel the vocal style of this band doesn’t suit this particular genre of music; more aggression in the vocals would have suited the genre more.

Rating: 6/10

Words: Alex Blaza

Conviction is out now.

Find NIGHTWALKERS on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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