ALBUM REVIEW: Battlesword – And Death Cometh Upon Us

Are you prepared for battle? You ought to be. Melodic Death Metal warriors BATTLESWORD are due to unleash their latest album And Death Cometh Upon Us.

It kicks off with Into Battle that is a truly magnificent instrumental intro that gives the audience a feeling that they really are in a battlefield.

The brilliantly titled Bloodmorning starts with a very catchy guitar riff that gets you hooked instantly. The first words of the song you hear are “to your arms”. It is a very energetic song that doesn’t drag on, it sinks its claws into you and once they’re in you will be hooked onto it. You will not want to do anything apart from listening to every song from start to finish.

Serpents Amongst Us is a typical melodic death metal song; it opens with heavy riffs, heart-pounding drums and a scream that sounds as if the vocalist is a secret love child of the magnificent Brian Blessed. Overall a very good song.

When you listen to Smothered, it sounds like you are actually there with the band when they are playing it live. The energy from this song is immense; it’s quite difficult to review this song when you can’t help but headbang and windmill to this song.

Through Thy Shadows has a terrific melodic intro and melodic guitar riffs through the verses. You can also hear the bass guitar that feels as though you are sitting at home in the middle of an earthquake. The drums are as loud as the Viking god Thor smashing his hammer into his enemy’s skulls. Also, the guitar solos are especially entertaining and a great way to finish the song.

Ageless, I’m Reborn starts off with all instruments being played at lightning speed and as loud as cannon fire. Again this is a song that has brilliant lyrics such as “I am the storm, I am the plague” to me this is one of the best songs on the album. It has superb musicianship and truly entertaining and meaningful lyrics.

Falling Into The Arms Of Morpheus is a truly great melodic song that has great musicianship and brilliant lyrics. The intro to the song has a calmer tone but still has heavy guitar riffs, thundering bass and drum parts. It’s a song that hooks you in and you cannot stop listening to it; on the whole it’s a great song.

The Lion And The Eagle starts off differently as if you are listening to guitar player from the renaissance; but when the song progresses it all comes crashing in around you as if you cant escape it’s a very heavy song that is superb and a true song to headbang to. Overall it’s a heart pounding song that makes you headbang.

Once has a very melodic intro; it might seem a bit softer than some previous tracks but the melodies in this song are brilliant. They add to the story of the song; I can only imagine what it must be like to see this song live. It must be absolutely electric.

The album closes with the track At Night They Feast. It starts off with the sounds of wildlife and church bells ringing in the distance. To me that sets the mood for the title of the song because it sounds like a true story of utter horror. This is supported with the lyrics and the head shattering instruments. This is truly a great song to end the album on.

In conclusion, I can honestly say that BATTLESWORD are one of the best bands I have had the privilege of reviewing. All the songs have great energy and when you listen to them it feels like you are at one of their concerts. This gets a huge thumbs up for their production team because production was brilliant. If they’re touring the UK I will be on the lookout for tickets because this album was truly fantastic.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Alex Blaza

And Death Cometh Upon Us will be unleashed this Friday via Black Sunset/MDD Records.

Find BATTLESWORD on Facebook and their official website.

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