EP REVIEW: Eleine – All Shall Burn

Welcome to the bewitching world of the symphonic metal sensation that is ELEINE. Beauty, poise, talent and extremely well performed. True qualities of a masterful performer.

Hailing from Sweden, ELEINE started their musical journey in 2014. The band have released two full length albums Eleine and Until The End, this year is the upcoming release of the new EP All Shall Burn.

I start to delve into this piece, here is a break down of all the tracks.

Enemies sets the scene when the EP starts to play. It starts with a mesmerising and beautiful choir. Next the heaviness of the guitars captivates your senses and takes you on a journey of emotions creating a serene experience. Madeline’s vocals are divine sweeps through your mind, heart and soul. Words that were brought to focus during the song were “I will feel no fear We are one as we stand Against our enemies”. It’s a poignant reminder of the battle against our enemies

All Shall Burn begins with a stunning orchestrated classical piece fused together beautifully with heavy guitar riffs. The beautifully stunning vocals brought tears to my eyes and filled my heart with adrenaline whilst listening to this musical feast. Next, powerful melodic male vocals come into play that then transforms into harsh growly vocals. EPICA come to mind when listening to these vocals. All Shall Burn pierces your soul like a red hot poker demonstrating the pain behind the song’s lyrics.

It’s no secret that Mein Hertz Brennt is a tantalising song by the almighty RAMMSTEIN. ELEINE took on this iconic song and gave it a new lease of life. They made the song in their own vision by introducing harsher vocals that then flow into the beautifully smooth vocals of Madeline. Overall this cover of the RAMMSTEIN classic is a well performed solid piece of music

Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die) (Symphonic Version) opens up the song with a powerfully atmospheric choir vocals that lead up to a stunning classical orchestra. The vocals harmonise with each other making an absolutely intoxicating work of art. The words of the piece that spoke to me during the song were “We shall never die, Fear us Fire claims the sky, You can run never hide” powerful, hard-hitting and attention-grabbing lyrics.

All Shall Burn (Symphonic Version) isthe original version that was re-recorded for the symphonic touch. This is a particularly appealing piece as it flows more seamlessly. The introduction has more of the classical orchestra aspect that brought chills down my spine being performed in this manner.

While listening to this album, I was overwhelmed by talent and orchestration of this band. Lovers of the symphonic metal genre, be sure to make time in your musical repertoire for this astounding album. You will become a firm fan after this musical feast.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

All Shall Burn will be released this Friday via Black Lodge Records.

Find ELEINE on Facebook, Twitter and their official website.

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