Hello and Happy New Year! I am excited to be sharing the first playlist of the year. It’s the usual; some brand spanking new stuff alongside some much loved classics.

First the new music. There have album and EP releases since the last playlist. They come from the likes of Blackbriar, Apocalyptica, Brothers Of Metal, War Dogs and Erdling.

There are new singles from HammerFall, H.E.A.T, Five Finger Death Punch, Jeremy Ross Lawler, Imperial Age, Amaranthe, My Dying Bridge, Burning Witches, Liv Kristine, Sabaton and Demons & Wizards.

There have been some birthdays in Camp Grave Digger and Spyder Byte so there are songs from each of those bands on the list.

A few years, we lost a couple of important music icons. Lemmy Kilmister and David Bowie impacted our lives in so many ways. To honour these two fantastic souls, the playlist kicks off with a classic song from each of them.

Enjoy and look forward to the next playlist.


Motörhead – Ace Of Spades
David Bowie – Life On Mars?
Amaranthe – 82nd All The Way
Liv Kristine – Skylight
Imperial Age – The Legacy Of Atlantis
HammerFall feat. Noora Louhimo – Second To One
Sabaton – Seven Pillars Of Wisdom
Spyder Byte – Tonight (Get Wild)
Apocalyptica – Call My Name
Jeremy Ross Lawler – Last To Fall
Burning Witches – Sea Of Lies
Brothers Of Metal – Theft Of The Hammer
My Dying Bride – Your Broken Shore
H.E.A.T – Come Clean
Five Finger Death Punch – Full Circle
War Dogs – Die By My Sword
Demons & Wizards – Diabolic
Blackbriar – The Rooster’s Crow
Erdlin – Am heiligen Hain
Grave Digger – Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)

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