ALBUM REVIEW: Märvel – Märvellous

Following on from their popular 2019 covers album Guilty Pleasures; The King, The Burgher and The Vicar come steaming through, kicking down every door in their way on MÄRVEL’s (kind of) new four track EP, Märvellous!

The reason I say ‘kind of new’ is because this EP was actually the band’s first. The EP was originally recorded under US indie label New York Powerhitters. Before the release of the four track EP, the band parted ways with the label and moved back to Sweden. This EP never saw the light of day.

To celebrate their roots, they have re-recorded all of the songs. Not trying to make them sound like the originals did, but instead, they wanted to play, produce and record the songs as good as they possibly could. It was Marvellous – now it’s Märvellous!

Reminiscent of great Rock and Roll records. The opening track, Amaze-O, contains amazing guitar riffs and a catchy drum beat that instantly had me nodding my head! The lyrics are quick to learn and before I knew it, I was stood up playing air guitar, singing “Ohhhh yeah! Amaze-O”. About three quarters of the way through the song, we are treated to a magnificent guitar solo, which really takes the song from great to awesome. This song could have been twenty minutes long and I honestly think I would still be jamming along until the very end!

The second track, Marvellous, is my personal favourite on the EP. My first thought when I heard this song was Jack Black’s School of Rock meets THE ROLLING STONES and I love it! It is Rock and Roll at its finest, with great verses and an amazing chorus. The King’s vocals are something to admire here as well. This song should be played to a stadium full of people all chanting “MARVELLOUS!” at the top of their voices.

The EP continues on to track three in a similar fashion with Public School. Whislt keeping consistent with mastering that classic Rock and Roll sound, Public School has more of the amazing guitar riffs we have already had the pleasure of listening to. Another great track to add to the growing collection.

The EP finishes with the closing track, A Taste Of Platinum. A Taste Of Platinum has everything great that the previous three tracks have, but has a more grittier feel to it. It feels like the perfect way to end this fantastic EP.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I can see not only the track Marvellous, but this whole EP being played to a stadium full of people. The band’s sound is something everybody can recognise but with MÄRVEL’s own added magic. They have certainly proved why they are called ‘the barons of rock’. The only downside for me is that Märvellous didn’t contain enough tracks. Let’s hope there is a full-length album to come in the near future!

Rating: 9/10

Words: Jack Andrews

Märvellous will be released this Friday via Sign Records.

Find MÄRVEL on Facebook and their official website.

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