ALBUM REVIEW: Nanowar Of Steel – Dislike To False Metal

Ever come across something so brilliant and full of detail that you want to blurt it all out at once but don’t want to give away too much in case you reveal spoilers? NANOWAR OF STEEL’s upcoming album Dislike To False Metal has this effect. Like with previous albums, you have no idea what’s coming around the corner and you have fun along the way.

Did you know there was a hoard of pirates that are health conscious? I didn’t either until now. The album opens up with the song Sober that tells you all about the very first band of pirates that don’t drink rum but ginger tea and pineapple juice whilst on a quest for BITcoins. It’s Pirate Metal at its finest and this is just one of the styles this album presents.

From the NIGHTWISH-esque tones in Winterstorm In The Night featuring ELIENE’s Madeleine Liljestam to the pumping party rhythms in Disco Metal that make it impossible to sit still, this should already make you aware that NANOWAR OF STEEL can’t simply be pigeonholed. The album contains more of these so here are some examples without giving too much away.

Chupacabra Cadabra is one huge South America infused metal trip and one that takes you on many twists. It’s highly possible that a new metal style has been created in this track. This is the longest track NANOWAR OF STEEL have done so this will please Power and Prog metal fans as well as those looking for something different. For those who plan on listening to the album, see if you can guess which heavy metal classic the beginner drum pattern is from.

It states in the press release that keyboard warriors will be unfollowing and unsubscribing from the band when they hear the brutally honest truths from Metal Boomer Battalion and this will stand true. Musically, MEMORIES OF OLD and MAJESTICA come to mind due to the powerful, choral vocals this song gives off. Lyrically, it’s hugely relatable if you have come across one those who “fight online, unfollow, unsubscribe”.

Lots of words come in pairs, Dimmu and Boogie were not a pair I expected to see together. Not only that, but they made it work. Like with Disco Metal, I challenge you to try and sit completely still during Dimmu Boogie. I have personally tried and it’s impossible. Musically, this track will take you for a trip back to the 1950s.

It ends in true NANOWAR fashion keeping us guessing with the track The Power Of Imodium. I won’t give away too much about this track but the one thing I will say, it wouldn’t be out of place in the wacky film about Superman and Power Rangers. Musically, it’s the dream track every power and symphonic metal fan has been waiting for.

Dislike To False Metal is a delightful portfolio of earworms that will bring joy to even the most hardened metal heads. My advice for those new to NANOWAR OF STEEL or need a refresher; expect the unexpected, embrace the silliness and have a great time.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Dislike To False Metal is will be released 10th March 2023 via Napalm Records.

Find NANOWAR OF STEEL on Facebook.

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