It’s now time for the second playlist of 2020. Some have mentioned there are lots of birthdays in January, this is certainly the case within Rock and Metal world. There are some household names celebrating their birthdays; these include Simone Simmons, Michael Kieske, Marco Hietala, Paul Stanley and Dave Grohl so there is a song from their respective bands on the playlist.

There have been some new albums and songs released in the past two weeks. These include The Inspector Cluzo, Temperance, Diablus In Musica, Those Damn Crows, Terry Draper, Wolf, Delain and many more.

Within the past two weeks, we also lost a couple of icons. Rush drummer Neil Peart and Monty Python legend Terry Jones, there is a classic song from each of these on the playlist.


Temperance – Start Another Round
Diablus In Musica – The Misfit’s Swing
Sabaton feat. Apocalyptica – Angels Calling
KISS – Room Service
Wolf – Midnight Hour
Tarot – I Walk Forever
Epica – Sancta Terra
The Inspector Cluzo – We The People Of The Soil
Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench
Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville – City Of Heroes
Rush – The Spirit Of Radio
Those Damn Crows – Never Win
Delain – Ghost House Heart
Demons & Wizards – Midas Disease
Amberian Dawn – Looking For You
Allen/Olzon – Worlds Apart
Rage – Chasing The Twilight Zone
Terry Draper – The Children March
Serenity – My Kingdom Comes
Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

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