NEWS: SELF DISGRACE – New Album Release!

Self Disgrace are pleased to announce that they have just finished working on their new CD release of ‘FETUS IN FETU’. The recordings have taken place under the expert guide of Andrea Leonardi, (aka Bratt Sinclaire), at Mixaglia Studios in Lecco, Italy. Andrea has worked with well known artists since the 80’s such as Bulldozer, Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson), Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth/Angra), to name a few.

The CD cover art was done by awesome Indonesian illustrator, Agus Zoer.

5.  WAR

The band claims that Fetus In Fetu will be a more aggressive and mature album, still with an old school thrash/death metal SELF DISGRACE signature sound.

In Fetus In Fetu we get back to the theme of violence already covered in our debut album Partner In Crime, focusing more on the consequences and starting from the assumption that violence generates more violence, evil breeds more evil, in any physical and psychological aspect.

The Fetus In Fetu is a parasitic embryo that sneaks inside another fetus during pregnancy. The only remedy to remove it is by practicing an abortion on the future newborn. Abortion is also mentioned in songs from the CD on ‘Never Born’, as a remedy for an unwanted pregnancy caused by a rape, and in ‘In Chains’, about the illegality of abortion in certain countries. 

All lyrics written by Dielle Green, all music written by Isa Brutal Fronzoni.

Find SELF DISGRACE on Facebook.

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