ALBUM REVIEW: Hangatyr – Kalt

Raw, brutal and adrenaline filled. HANGATYR are about to deliver a beautifully orchestrated masterpiece that lyrically communicating tales from Nordic mythology. The name originates from one of many names for Odin this is translated as the Hanged God. After a six year hiatus, fans are eagerly anticipating their return to the world of metal with the new album Kalt.

The opening of Niedergang introduces us to the pagan delights that the album features. During this piece, the band incorporates atmospheric gritty sound. The lyrics are harrowing and haunting. The verse that spoke to me was “Claws tug at the flesh, Appearance and knowledge become one”.

Entferntes Ich begins the commencement of a harsh brutal bass line from Ali and Basti. The track then introduces Silvio’s and Ira’s high-pitched gruff harrowing vocals.  Micha’s drums skill throughout were powerful, energetic and dominating in this piece. The vocal work is passionate and enthusiastic when it comes to projecting this tale that. I found that these lyrics stood out while listening to this track, particularly the line Fertile as a shroud the silence is in the valley toneless paralyzing width too close”.

The aggressive Firnheim commences with a powerful, energetic bass line that contributes to this atmospheric track. It also draws focus to the theme of the album. The drumbeats once again contribute to the intensity of the song incorporating its brutality and rawness within the track. The vocals are as strong and invigorating as previous tracks, which also breathe life into this piece.

In Blick aus Eis; speed, brutality and power radiate from this piece. The bass displays plenty of vitality throughout its performance. Ferocity and aggression are reinforced by the performance of the drums.  The vocals are communicated to the audience passionately, which brings this track’s focus on describing the perils of the cold and a dark embrace of winter depicted from a Norse mythology tale.

A sorrowful, anguished atmospheric instrumental piece performed brilliantly in this track Kalt. This track is passionate, ferocious and particularly intense. This is perfect piece during the listening experience as it builds up the listener towards anticipation for the next stage of the album.

Mittwinter starts off with energetic, vigorous drumbeats alongside the atmospheric bass riffs. These basslines guide the piece into a brutal and fierce performance. Paired with Silvos and Iras high pitched raw vocals adds a hostile and aggressive feel.

Verweht is a powerful, energetic piece with savage, aggressive bass lines. The drumbeats are vigorous and robust projecting its presence in this track brutally. Silvo and Ira once again dominate the track with their gruff, harsh vocals. These give a terrific ending to this well-orchestrated piece. During this track I hear similarities to the style of Blut Aus Nord.

It’s a brutal and compelling take on Norse mythology that is demonstrated with high pitched gritty vocals and a fierce atmospheric backing band. This is a well-orchestrated album a must listen for the black metal fans.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Kalt will be unleashed tomorrow.

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