ALBUM REVIEW: Architectural Genocide – Cordyceptic Anthropomorph

When I heard the name of this band and their album, I thought it would be a good listen but don’t judge a book by its cover. The artwork is eye-catching and makes you wonder if you entered into an S&M dungeon and the theme is artwork by the late HR Giger; either way it is brilliant.

The first track Spires of Mangled Tissueis a typical brutal Death Metal song. Production wise, I can hear everything which is what you want. This side of debut albums can be a band’s ‘Achilles heel’ as a lot of them don’t have good production quality but after listening to the first track you know it is an album which had the right production team.

Hallucinogenic Demise is the second track on the album and it starts off to differently to the first track. The tempo is slower but it speeds up after a few seconds when you hear the kick drum going off. Everything else speeds up to the same tempo as the drums and it is a very entertaining song. It keeps you on edge and interested all the way through and is not at all dreary.

Dominate and Proliferate is a song that pretty much explains the life of Death Metal; it dominates you and it breeds. Death Metal has is a sub-genre of Heavy Metal and Death Metal has its own sub genres. Production wise it is excellent but it sounds like the previous tracks.

To be honest, the title track sounds a bit too much like the previous tracks again. I was actually hoping to be impressed with something a bit different; unfortunately I wasn’t and it was just another Brutal Death Metal song that sounds like all the others.

Gorge on Deceased is unfortunately just like the previous songs on the album; fast kick drums, thumping bass and guitars, vocals you can barely understandand breakdowns left right and centre. It is a song that sounds too much like the previous tracks and all of them have done so far. I am reviewing this album track by track, so far it isn’t looking great for originality.

Pleasure Induced By Agony is a track that has memorable name and starts off like canons going off. It sounded great but again it sounds too similar to the previous songs on the album; it has too many breakdowns, too many guitar squeals, too much of the double kick drums for my liking. The only thing that was an upside for this song was when the tempo slowed down for the bridge but it was short lived as it was unfortunately boring to listen to.

Abolishment of Human Existence is once again a song with a great title but the overall song has the same structure of all the previous songs. With the same repetitive breakdowns and lightning fast song introduction; having that is fine but it becomes too predictable and repetitive for the listener. The only thing I liked about this song is the bridge at 2:58 as the guitar riffs changed and it actually sounded exciting to listen to until they introduce another breakdown at 4:17.

Burgeoning Necrosis is the last song on this album and I am glad to say it doesn’t start off like the previous songs all did. It actually starts off to a very sinister guitar intro and it keeps you intrigued in the song. When it comes to the verse however it becomes once again like a typical brutal death metal band; blast beats on the snare drum and overly fast guitar riffs, guitar squeals and vocals you cannot hear unless you turn up the volume. 

It is a great shame that I have to give a low rating to a Death Metal band like ARCHITECTURAL GENOCIDE. The reason for this is simply for the fact that the album wasn’t really exciting to listen to.

The songs have too much of the same structure; they have too many blast beats and not enough guitar solos. You could almost predict what the song going to do. The album was repetitive and needed more diversity from a structural point of view; songs with a different intro to the previous.

These guys are great and skilled musicians but they need to rethink on their song structures as it was unfortunately repetitive and predictable.

Rating: 6/10

Words: Alex Blaza

Cordyceptic Anthropomorph is out now.


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