Before I reveal the next playlist, there has been a slight change. The bi-monthly playlist will now be released Saturdays and not Fridays. So without further ado, here is the latest edition of the Rock Out Stand Out playlist.

There has been a lot of new material released keeping rock and metal music lovers like me somewhat sane during these uncertain circumstances. Aevum, Torchia, Dakesis and Lutharo have released new EPs and albums so there is a song from each of those albums. Single releases come from Massive Wagons, Frozen Crown, Cyhra, Myrath, Wolfheart, Die Kreatur, Firewind, Kreator, Noveria, Bonfire and Powerwolf.

There are birthdays in camp Aerosmith, Stratovarius, Twisted Sister, Iced Earth and Van Halen so that’s the classic side taken care of.

That’s us for now and see you next time.

Rock Out Stand Out Playlist – 28.03.2020

Frozen Crown – In The Dark
Bonfire – The Devil Made Me Do It
Aevum – The Garden Of Mars
Die Kreatur – Die Kreatur
Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It
Firewind – Rising Fire
Stratovarius – Hunting High And Low
Myrath – Believer (Live In Carthage)
Van Halen – Jump
Kreator – 666 World Divided
Noveria – Stronger Than Before
Cyhra – Dreams Gone Wrong
Massive Wagons – In It Together
Torchia – Astral Planes
Powerwolf – Werewolves Of Armenia (New Version 2020)
Dakesis – Hold Forever
Wolfheart – Hail Of Steel
Iced Earth – Anthem
Lutharo – Wings Of Agony
Aerosmith – Livin’ On The Edge

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