ALBUM REVIEW: Conjuring Fate – Curse Of The Fallen

Irish metal band CONJURING FATE have released their latest album Curse Of The Fallen. Curse Of The Fallen is rich and full of tales, all different in nature. It’s a listening feast of the supernatural, occult and murder.

The track The Premonition is instrumental. The listeners are lured in with a haunting organ intro.  Guitarist’s Phil Horner and Karl Gibson give this track vibrancy. Steve Leager’s bass line adds to the track giving it fist pumping riffs.

During the track Burn The Witch, Steve’s bass delivers an energetic quality within the intro. It’s an adrenaline filled song that is raw and brutal. Tommy Daly’s vocals are elegant and powerful within the verses. Niall Mcgrotty’s drums are full of powerful beats. The track features raw emotions and hatred of the towns people towards the witch. An example of the lyrics that demonstrate this are, “Soon we’ll have our pyre, And as her life escapes, The earthquakes with the power”

Voodoo Wrath starts off with Phil’s and Karl’s guitar riffs that gives us a lively upbeat rhythm. Tommy’s vocals engage us with elegance within this track. This piece is fast paced and adrenaline filled.  This track communicates a tale of wrath and vengeance. During these lyrics within this track I could feel the vengeance within his heart. “no man created… I have always been, I am hell itself and you have forsaken me”. This track reminds me of FIREWIND.

Midnight Skies starts off with Steve’s bass riffs that offers us an explosion of energy. Niall’s drumbeats are full of power and vibrancy. Tommy’s vocals communicate sorrow but urging people to experience life. These lyrics I feel provide a perfect example.We’re just a flash in time, a speck of dust, Live life while you can!”.

Journeys End features Phil’s and Karl’s energetic guitar intro. Steve’s bass rhythm provides a fast-paced adrenaline filled addition. Tommy’s iron lung vocals project the song with its power. During the song, these lyrics were particularly memorable, “Have you ever… Seen a sunrise from a barren sea? Heard whispers on the wind”.

Daughter Of The Everglades starts off with Steve’s dramatic sorrowful bass. Tommy’s vocals tell a tale of a jealousy and murder with a haunting tonne. Niall’s drumbeats gave the track a raw edge within the background. I felt the chilling and resonating pain within the lyrics. These lyrics were powerful and sum up the demise of the lady. “The dark lust and love steeped in jealousy, the last thing I recall of you, was your gargled screams, The icy water your eternal grave”.

Night Of The Knives starts off with Phil’s and Karl’s gentle guitar rhythm. Later is joined by Niall’s feather touch on the drum set. A calm and serene intro leaves the listener in anticipation. Steve’s bass interrupts the serene atmosphere with his vigorous riffs. Tommy’s vocals give us an explosion of raw intensity. The lyrics have similarities to the story of Jack The Ripper. I have given an example of the lyrics that best fits this description. “Eyes of the alleyways, malpractice surgery, by gas powered lights, my hands are warm inside, look up with lifeless eyes as fog engulfs my crimes”.

No Escape starts off with Phil’s and Karl’s guitar riffs that gives us a lively upbeat rhythm. Tommy’s vocals create a feeling of anguish as he reveals the lyrics. Niall’s drums create a powerful addition to the backing track. It’s a sorrowful dark song about being confined and not able to escape.

Children Of The Night starts off with raw powerful bass riffs. Steve’s bass delivers this quality within the intro. Tommy’s vocals communicate the emotions within the verses. Niall’s drumbeats are full of intensity. The track features a dark tale based on vampires.

Original Sin delivers us a fist pumping anthem as its finale. Steve commands the intro with energetic bass riffs. Tommy’s iron lung vocals command the ambience and gives the track a powerful edge. A dark tale that brings to focus the story of the garden of Eden.

This album is a well-produced and orchestrated. The talent of the band is bought into focus promptly with the first couple of tracks. This is an album I would recommend listening too.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

Curse Of The Fallen is out now.

Find CONJURING FATE on Facebook.

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