ALBUM REVIEW: Mitsein – I’ll Find My Way

Looking for melodic captivating talent? Let me present MITSEIN to you. From beautiful, rich vocals to fierce, powerful guitar riffs; a perfect mix is fulfilled in this masterpiece. The melodic troupe are due to release their album I’ll Find My Way.

The band name MITSEIN is of German origin and it means “to be with”. I divulge into this music journey through the following tracks;

Power metal elements come to mind during the intro of Revenge. During the track, the guitar riffs were full of stamina and power. There are melodical but prominent drumbeats from Aquiles Lima that make their presence known during this track. The elegant vocals by Cristienne Graciano join in this piece. Whilst listening to these vocals, I identified this person was scorned and full of hate. They felt revenge is the solution.

The title track opens with a sorrowful classical melody that leads into bewitching vocal work. This gives the track energy and added qualities to the performance. This progresses to adrenaline filled guitar riffs from Jeff Oliveira and Josa Chris. These inject the ferocity into this track. While listening to this track, my interpretation is that the person is lost and in emotional turmoil. The lyrics that were prominent were this verse “I need to start what’s in my soul “. From what I understand, they are telling the listener that they’re on their journey to find their way.

Reborn is a beautifully written piece of art. Bewitching and energetic bass gives this piece a melodic injection. Drumbeats are filled with power and a euphoric sound. The vocals project a tale of a person finding themselves and being reborn.

The Voices features a melodic centrepiece in this intro that has a bewitching classical approach. These are slow and inviting whilst guiding the listener into this track. Guitar riffs are strong, robust and energetic by André Oliveira.You can hear Cristienne’s range and talent in this track. The lyrics are focusing this time on the person’s observation on the voices that are in their mind. The lyrics that tells us this tale are “The voices are whispering to me in my mind bringing the void of silence”.

Scars has a dominant opening with fast dynamic guitar riffs.The vocal workstunningly projects a beautiful melodic element to this piece.  This track has a sorrowful content that tells the story of being emotionally scarred and having to live them. This track reminds me of AFTER FOREVER, particularly when it comes to this music style and vocal work.

Fighter opens with powerful and dynamic bass line. Beauty and ferocity are projected in every beat of the drums, giving the track vibrancy. This is an inspiring track. It communicates that we must become a fighter to win against what life throws at us.

I’ll Find My Way features all the right ingredients of a quality album. It’s full of adrenaline from the powerful energetic guitar riffs to the exquisite graceful vocals. This album is a treat for all your symphonic metal listeners out there.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

I Will Find My Way will be released 1st April 2020.

Find MITSEIN on Facebook.

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