ALBUM REVIEW: Ante-Inferno – Fane

Are you looking for something that will bring torment and mayhem? Then look no further. ANTE-INFERNO’s upcoming debut will do just that. It is mandatory that the amp is cranked to the max when playing this album.

ANTE-INFERNO are a black metal band originating from Scarborough, England. Judging from Fane’s strong content, it’s a solid atmospheric debut release from the band.

The band tells a story within the lyrics of this album about The Fane. This is a house of secrets, stories and of treasured knowledge that mankind has forgotten. It is situated deep within a forest.

As I enter this world of guttural uproar, I delve into the album track by track.

During the opening of the title track, the listeners are treated to an unexpected haunting. It features a beautifully performed orchestrapiece. This piece is short but is well written and it delivers a sorrowful theme within its melody.

Oath begins with K.B’s harsh guttural vocalsHis vocals are unrestrained and have an atmospheric presence. You can also hear N.I’s unforgiving brutal bass line. M.Z’s guitar riffs accompany N.I’s riffs flawlessly. The track then rages towards G.S’s robust and climatic drumbeats. In this song, it tells a tale of someone who makes a pact with a black goat that resides in the wood, and lives forever as a result.

Passing commences with N.I’s powerful, energetic bass line that compliments K.B’s raw guttural vocals. G.S’s atmospheric drumbeats contribute to the vehemence of the track. WINTERFYLLETH come to mind when listening to this track.

Return features K.B’s intense vocals that introduces the listeners to a raw guttural experience. There is ferocity and passion within M.Z’s guitar solos that makes its presence felt. G.S’s fierce raw drumbeats accompany the instruments with ease with its powerful sound.

Absence starts off in style with a beautiful acoustic guitar piece.  This song features an electronic ambience that coexists beautifully within the melody of the guitars. This track offers the listeners a calm surreal feel before the chaos and rage resumes within the next piece.

Worship starts off with pure anguish that is communicated by K.B’s vocals. This piece features G.S’s energetic, powerful drumbeats that brings the whole track to focus. This track has plenty of pure rawness and intensity contributed by N.I’s vigorous bass riffs. The lyrics tell a tale of the ending of the world. Leaving us with only dreams of death and the memory of loved ones that we have lost.

Fragments starts off with N.I’s iron lung guttural vocals that gives this track a raw and gritty sound. G.S’s forceful and dynamic drumbeats give this song a raw and primal edge. During this track, I hear similarities to the style of DRUDKH. This track sums up the album in style offering the intense and guttural style the fans will enjoy.

ANTE-INFERNO are due to bring fourth a weapon that will cause chaos and pandemonium. When it comes to Black Metal, this is huge praise. It’s an incredible debut album with raw gritty vocals with a blend of atmospheric riffs. This is a must listen for fans of black metal.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Becky Weale

Fane will be unleashed this Friday via UKEM Records.

Find ANTE-INFERNO on Facebook.

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