NEWS: IN VIRTUE – Drops Music Video for Earworm ‘Where The Edges Meet’

IN VIRTUE has just released the official music video for the earworm single “Where The Edges Meet”, from their forthcoming album Age Of Legends out this year (release date TBD) through Metal Injection.

See video at this location:

“Where The Edges Meet” is the place where two worlds diverge – it’s the division between generations, the fault line that separates otherwise kindred souls and creates conflict where there was unity. It’s a time of upheaval and unrest that pits us against each other when really, the only way forward is always together.

“We shot this video on a rooftop in the middle of downtown Los Angeles, long before the Coronavirus struck and forced us all to become isolated recluses – but also to re-evaluate our reliance on each other. The view from up there really highlights both the divisions and the collective spirit of mankind, and provides a refreshing perspective in the face of a dangerous pandemic where we all feel so alone.”

In Virtue is a hook-heavy modern metal band fronted by Gear Gods editor-in-chief Trey Xavier. Following up their highly acclaimed cover of Billie Eilish’s No Time To Die (with coverage from outlets such as Alt Press, iHeartRadio, Metal Injection, and Germany’s Impericon), their new music video for “Where The Edges Meet” is the second single from their forthcoming album “Age of Legends”, due out this year. The album follows the story of a modern-day Sisyphus character who decides his punishment of pushing a boulder up a hill for eternity has come to an end, and he embarks on a journey of self-forgiveness.

Stay up-to-date with In Virtue by subscribing to their YouTube channel for more music videos and behind-the-scenes content, as well as their Facebook page.

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