NEWS: SLEEPMAKESWAVES – Release Latest Single ‘Zelda’

‘Zelda’ is the latest single from Australian post-rock quartet sleepmakeswaves. The track comes from the forthcoming ‘Out of Hours’ EP which forms part of the band’s ‘these are not your dreams’ trilogy, due out on 17th July. The release follows their ARIA-nominated albums Made of Breath Only (2017) and Love of Cartography (2014)

‘Zelda’ is a unique shift in sound for the usually entirely instrumental band – it features a prominent lead vocal line throughout the song. With lyrics penned and sung by guitarist Otto Wicks-Green, it’s the first true foray into traditional lead vocal territory for the band. Although they’ve experimented with vocals before (including January’s well-received single ‘Cascades’), it’s never been as much at the forefront as this. Listen to ‘Zelda’ now –

The ‘Out of Hours’ EP as a whole showcases more of the band’s 90s alternative/emo influences, whilst still retaining all the powerhouse drive and emotional impact of their trademark instrumental writing.  

All music was entirely self produced, recorded & mixed by the band. Rather than following a conventional release pattern, the band have opted to release this collection of tracks as a series of 3 EPs during 2020, which will then be released in full in July as part of the ‘these are not your dreams’ record. 


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