SINGLE REVIEW: Bonafide Zero – Afterburner

Fighter jets at the ready, don the aviators and get ready for take off. Creators of Top Gun are going to wish this new single Afterburner was featured in the film.

This new song comes from BONAFIDE ZERO. This is a new project devised by musician Will Armstrong, there is an EP currently in the works and this is the first single from it.

It starts off with the type of dialogue you would hear from the film Top Gun. This is followed by a pumping guitar riff. The kind that gets you going and motivated, not to mention headbanging where ever you happen to be. Through these guitars you can hear a prominent melody that will be stuck in your head moments after listening. There are also slick riffs and solos that will make you want to practise air guitar. The sweeping drum patterns play an excellent part to this action-packed, eighties reminiscent instrumental.

Judging from the strong sounds of this single, it’s exciting to find out what the rest of the EP will behold.

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Afterburner is out now.

Find BONAFIDE ZERO on Facebook.

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