NEWS: NOA AND LEV – Release New Single

Noa and Lev assemble a stellar global cast of 66 for their charity release ‘Together On Our Own‘, in support of support of the ‘Light For The World‘ international Covid Relief Fund.

Lev Kerzhner and Noa Gruman live and work in a creative musical hub in Ramat Gan on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, and at the height of the lockdown in mid April Noa overheard Lev playing one of his unrecorded songs. It was a eureka moment!!

As Noa heard the lyrics and the hypnotic chorus she realised that it perfectly captured mood of the way the world is living under Covid today, where life as we knew it changed overnight “who would think it could come to an end, so quickly”, and the human spirit and determination not to be beaten prevails, “when it’s darkest we unite! we go on, together on our own”

Together, Noa & Lev set about contacting musicians and singers from all around the globe and assembled a talented cast of 66 who gave their time to sing, play and film their parts for this powerful song at home,…and this is the electrifying result! It’s a true-life story of international musicians coming together to create a magical and uplifting track.

The video can be viewed below:

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