NEWS: SILENTIUM – Release Second Single ‘Truth’ & Premiere A New Video!

Silentium from Finland, released their second powerful single ‘Truth’!

The song deals with that nagging feeling of guilt when you are aware that you should not have these dark emotions that torment you but that won’t go away either – and that stagnation causes more pain. The video that mainly features vocalist Riina Rinkinen was originally supposed to feature the entire band, but the Helsinki capital area was on a complete lockdown during that time.

“This piece is very important to me as it manages to capture a snapshot of the internal turmoil, we all feel from time to time. Riina’s lyrics suit fantastically to the emotional scale of the composition and the vocal arrangements Riina has made with Sami leave nothing to desire. The dynamics, nuances and overall feeling everyone in the band brings to the song perfectly underline the emotions I originally wanted this song to present. I wanted the song to flow through a slowly moving emotional rollercoaster and I think we managed it quite well”says Silentium guitarist, and main composer of the song ‘Truth’Juha Lehtioksa

And singer Riina Rinkinen adds: “The song is about the difficulty of facing reality on reality’s terms and the stagnating state that follows. The lyrics are a testament of their time, yet still ring true to this day. Truth is the opening track of the upcoming album for a reason – you must first face the truth to move forward. The video was originally supposed to feature the entire band but because of Corona, the Helsinki capital area was on lockdown, thus keeping my boys from participating in the project. Instead of the original idea me and John La Hanhi of John La Hanhi Productions came up with a plan B – which in my opinion might be better than the original – and created a more visual piece depicting the themes of the song through my character only”.

Stream the brand-new Silentium single ‘Truth’ here

Watch the Official Silentium Video ‘Truth’ below:

Find SILENTIUM on Facebook.

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