NEWS: CRYPTONIGHT – Premiere Lyric Video ‘Abstersion’ via NoCleanSinging

Toronto “djoom” duo Cryptonight are sharing with fans their latest lyric video for their track Abstersion’ in support of their debut album “Black Ritual” released this past April.

Check out the lyric video via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

Aiming to capture listeners in a very haunting manner, the debut album “The Black Ritual” evokes horror and malice in every riff and melody. All of the music on the full-length was recorded on an eight-string guitar tuned to Eb and is inspired by actual vivid nightmares experienced by members of Cryptonight at various points in their lives. It also includes references from games such as Bloodborne, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and Diablo. The band shares their thoughts on the release:

“We each picked recurring nightmares that made an impression on us and put them together into a story about a dream world. Fans can expect this album to have a sequel, and to continue into the unforeseen future. Our lyrics are literally us telling stories of what happened in our personal nightmares, as descriptively as possible. It’s a collaboration of everything we love together into one sound to make for a deadly recipe. Dark and nightmarish whilst leaving an ambient and serene linger.”

Cryptonight has been cryptically hinting at this album by making a 20-episode web series on their YouTube channel, which included short instrumental preview clips of the songs on the release. The band hints at checking out those videos for an in-depth background on the music. 

Join Cryptonight in a dream-like state full of horrors and feel the chill of these nightmares first hand. With the music and lyrics contributing in tandem to the same frightening experience, it’s a walk through the musical realms of djoom.

Find CRYPTONIGHT on Facebook.

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