ALBUM REVIEW: Ravenlight – Project Genesis

Irish metal band RAVENLIGHT are due to release their debut album Project Genesis. Project Genesis is a well-orchestrated album featuring the talents of an up and coming band that are bound to become icons in Symphonic Metal.

The Circle sets the scene with a stunning orchestral piece. John Connor’s energetic guitar rhythm powers through this track. Rebecca Feeney’s vocals pierce the ambience with the beauty of the crescendo. John Connor’s keyboard piece adds the melodic influence over the power of the guitars. During this track, these lyrics caught my attention, “Everything inside of you will tell you what is real”.

During the opening, The End of The World gives us an Irish ambience. John’s guitar delivers its own raw quality within this track. Rebecca’s vocals add an elegant touch to the verses. Michał Bugajskis’s drums are full of power and adrenaline filled beats. The track is full of graceful and refined qualities.

Sanctuary starts off with an orchestral melody giving us the symphonic qualities in this track. John’s guitar riffs kicks off giving us ferocity and adrenaline. Rebecca’s vocals engaged us in this enchanting track. This piece is beautifully orchestrated with the vigorous guitar riffs and heavenly vocals.

Echoes starts off with John’s guitar riffs that offers us an explosion of raw energy. Mical’s drumbeats were intense and adrenaline filled. Rebecca’s vocals communicate the passion and sorrow within this track. John’s keyboard rhythm flows through the track seamlessly.

Words Unspoken features a stunning orchestra piece accompanied by Mical’s drumbeats. John’s guitar rhythm provides a fast-paced adrenaline filled addition. Rebecca’s vocals are full of sentiment and communicates words of sorrow. During the song, my heart felt the woe behind the track. These lyrics were particularly memorable, “I’ll show you how it feels, with the words unspoken, find our January Hearts and Tell me what it means, When the scars too deep to heal”.

Where The Stars Grow is a beautifully orchestrated ballad. The symphonic elements flow through. This entices the listeners with its elegant and captivated beauty.  Rebecca’s vocals are accompanied by John’s guitar riffs. Power and intensity are bought forth into this track by this addition. These lyrics caught my attention during this track because of its sorrowful intentions, “The endless heartache, you suffer every single day, it is a cross you bear alone, But I won’t forget you”.

The Spell starts off with John’s delicate but intricate keyboard melody. Rebecca’s exquisite vocals paint the tale of sorrow and heartbreak. This is track that communicates the tale of despair and longing . Mical powers into the tracks with his energetic drumbeats . This addition fuses the tracks dynamic brilliantly .

Strong Enough To Fall features an elegant orchestral intro. It’s slow in tempo at first to communicate the sorrow within the lyrics. John’s guitar riffs are atmospheric and emotionally charged. Rebecca’s vocals enter the song portraying the woeful lament within her vocals.

The Wild Hunt has John’s guitar riffs that once again blows us away with his high-powered riffs. The track features beautifully orchestrated talent from the band. Rebecca’s vocals are exceptional giving the track a graceful feel. This track reminds me of a cross between NIGHTWISH and KAMELOT in style.

Eden Fall starts off with Johns’ dominant and powerful guitar riffs. Rebecca’s vocals give you this majestic tale with power and passion. Michal’s drum beats dominate the backing track with his power and dynamic beats. This track is sad in nature but in no way takes away the brilliance of the track.

Call Of The Wild starts off with the exquisite vocals of a choir. John’s guitar riffs once again blow us out the water with its up-tempo elegance. Rebecca’s vocal range is certainly demonstrated in this track. This song features symphonic brilliance from the guitar riffs to the melody of the keyboard. A perfect choice to end this well-orchestrated album.

RAVENLIGHT are due to release an album that is professionally written from start to finish. This album features power and beauty that are performed with brilliance. A band to watch out for in 2020.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

Project Genesis will be out this Friday via Novus Records.

Find RAVENLIGHT on Facebook.

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