EP REVIEW: Solemnity – Through Endless Darkness

Introducing British metal band SOLEMNITY. The band have released their debut EP titled Through Endless Darkness. Through the pandemonium and darkness, their powerful riffs send a ripple through our senses.

Invierno sets the scene with a stunning orchestral piece. This adds the melodic influence that flows within the rhythm. During the track; Dan Benton, Amit Luther and Dan Dean orchestrate the guitar and bass riffs. This addition to the track gives it energy and rhythm.

The band delivers a raw brutal quality within In Pray For The Light. Dan’s vocals add ferocity and passion to the verses. The orchestrated drumbeats are full of power and adrenaline. I love the incorporation of the gentle melodic beats. This takes away the harshness of the track .  This piece has powerful lyrics that have emotional meaning. I have shown an example that I thought was particularly sorrowful; “Hopeless, feeling, worthlessness,What it is that drags us down?,Fears that coalesce”

So It Ends starts off with Dan, Dan and Amit performing guitar riffs together in harmony. This gives us a sense of the melodic vibe. The band’s guitar work give us ferocity and adrenaline. We then encounter a symphonic piece that tames the beast. Dan’s vocals enthral us in this vigorous track. The aggression of the track fits well with the enchanting sorrow of the melodical theme. this addition portrays the glorious orchestration. This piece has memorable lyrics that had my eyes well up with tears. A strong example of this emotional lyrics include “the memories that torment him, of chances that slipped through fingers, Impotent rage fills him now, Squandered the best of his years”.

Prelude To is an instrumental track. This showcases the talents of all the band members. This piece features a melodic ambience with raw and fierce bass riffs. This is beautiful and elegant in style with brutality and vigour thrown in.

Our Demise features the stunning performance of fantastic guitar and bass riffs. The orchestrated drumbeats provide a fast-paced adrenaline filled rhythm. Dan’s vocals are full of a raw, guttural quality. During the song, I felt enthralled and full of adrenaline. These lyrics were particularly memorable “the charred ground cracks, the earth consumed, this pale blue dot, Becomes our tomb”. This track reminds me of INSOMNIUM and BE’LAKOR.

This album has left me hungry for more. The tracks have strong emotional lyrics combined with harsh, gruff lyrics. This is a passionate and well-presented form of art.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

Through Endless Darkness is out now.

Find SOLEMNITY on Facebook.

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