EP REVIEW: Draemora – Awakening

DRAEMORA are a brand-new melodic death metal band from Seattle, Washington. Formed in the late stages of 2019, and they have hit out with their first EP entitled Awakening.

The EP itself is five tracks, and as an overall summary of what to expect I was rather perplexed with the different styles they’re going for. My initial reaction after hearing it through for the first time was imagine if OPETH went for a deathcore vibe, with a sporadic role from…BREAKING BENJAMIN???

Now I know that sounds odd and might even be an unfair or wrong comparison in some ways. But stay with me on this because the way they’ve molded it all together works quite well.

The first track is called Home and it gives you a rough idea of what I’m getting at. The opening is a mysterious and eerie guitar piece which has very OPETH-esque feel to it. It then kicks into a really heavy section, with deep growls and aggressive guitars that are really groovy and chuggy. The chorus is where it’s interesting because it’s a clean lead vocal that throws you off. I’m not going to say it doesn’t work because I quite like it, but I feel that a harmony would’ve really sold it.

Dead Inside follows after and starts very heavy, very groovy and growly which I can dig. A small acoustic interlude and the chorus kicks in, which also a clean lead. But as far as how the song goes, i feel it works a little better in this song. The melody works a little better for me in this one.

“Some time ago, I fell into the dark, and I know when the lights turn black that I’ve been fooled by my own self again”

It really sends a message this that I can relate to on some levels. I love the breakdown in this one too, the heavier side of the music they’ve definitely got nailed down good.

‘Guilt’ is the curve ball of the EP for me, and when I mentioned BREAKING BENJAMIN earlier this was the song that reminded me of them in places. It starts with a very nice fuzzy guitar tone, and at first, I really didn’t know where this one was going. But as soon as the vocals kicked in with “Just take a deep breath and know you’re alright” I was hooked. You’re expecting a softer melodic song with deep meanings before you’re shanked with vicious heavy chug out of nowhere. The song ends with the repeating line “All I wanted to do was live and feel again” which leaves me understanding (I think?) what this entire song is about. It’s commendable and I can respect them for being that personal.

The EP closes out with Reckoning and Legion of Scum, which are the heaviest songs on the EP. Very much in line with the Deathcore style that I can absolutely dig. A mixture of groovy moderate heavy sections and relentless chug with brutal vocals layered on top, it’s a cake I would definitely eat.

I don’t think I’ve ever known a band to pull off something like this crossover of styles before. Usually I’m quite a purist when it comes to music but I’m not going to sit here and deny them of what they’ve accomplished with mixing it up so much.

Maybe listening to this EP was MY Awakening.

Rating: 7/10

Words: Ashley Thompson 

Awakening will be unleashed this Friday via Ultra Nast Records.

Find DRAEMORA on Facebook.

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