NEWS: SLAVES TO FASHION – Drop All-New Single From Upcoming Album ‘The History of Heavy Metal’

The ALL NEW Slaves to Fashion Single “Expressions of Extremity” has just landed and it is a killer! 

Taken from the band’s upcoming album “The History of Heavy Metal” , a unique project paying homage to the genres of Metal throughout the years, the new single celebrates five different subgenres of extreme metal: speed metal, doom metal, death metal, grindcore and black metal. 

The band comments: “We are overwhelmed by the fan response we have received from our latest releases and will continue to deliver more monthly singles celebrating the music we all love!” 

Slaves to Fashion have created a name for themselves by delivering a brand new single each month from the upcoming album!

Listen to “Expressions of Extremity” below:

Find SLAVES TO FASHION on Facebook.

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