“The tracks have turned out great.”

GOD DETHRONED are no strangers in the metal world. They have released tracks that have raw guttural quality and fist pumping riffs. Following the success of The World Ablaze in 2017, GOD DETHRONED have recently released a studio album Illuminati. Rock Out Stand Out’s Becky Weale speaks to vocalist and guitarist Henri Sattler about Illuminati, animals and being stranded on a deserted island.

The bands recent release Illuminati were inspired by the illuminati and the occult. What inspired the band to move away from the direction of World War I?

We have recorded a trilogy of the World War I topic. We have decided that this topic was finished with. We decided to go back to our original sound of occult and darker themes.

Do you think the fans prefer the darker topic?

I believe that some of the fans do.

Any tracks that you favour on the new album?

I love all of them! I like the songs that we wrote. The tracks have turned out great.

Do you have any plans to do any live streaming shows?

We have no plans to do any streaming shows. We were offered to do some, but I do not feel like it. I do not like the thought of playing to the camera instead of a crowd. Unfortunately, the fans will have to wait until we can play live again.

Do you have any plans on remastering any of the older material?

No usually it does not get any better. I will give you an example, I am a big fan of Emperor. I love their album Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. Emperor have released the remastered version a couple of years ago. It sounded better but it did not sound like the album that I liked so much. I believe the fans like the songs the way they are and there is no need to remaster albums.

Which bands would you like to go on tour with?

I would love to go on tour with Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden is my all-time favourite heavy metal band. I would love to see them every day.

If you were shipwrecked on a deserted island. You have all the essentials to survive, which two items would you like with you?

I would like to take with me a gun and a pair of sunglasses. The gun for protection and potential sources of additional meat.

If you could be an animal which one would it be?

I look back at the time when my parents had dogs and how well they were treated. I would love to be a dog especially in a family like that.

I have a Jack Russell called Tilly

We had Rottweilers. They are exceedingly kind dogs; people are afraid of them, but they should not be as they are kind and friendly.

How are you coping with the lockdown?

I am finding it extremely hard to be honest. I have stuff to do as I own my own guitar company, so I work every day. I am struggling as I do not see many people and there is nothing going on. I hate it I feel depressed. I have lost my motivation to do things and I find myself wondering how long will this last. It is a depressing thought that life has now been stripped down to a bare minimum. All I do is eat, drink and sleep to survive.

Any tips or advice to offer for people who are struggling?

I wish that I did as I would help myself as well. It is nice if you have a group of friends that you can talk too. It is helpful if you have a dog to walk. It is hard, I do not know what advice to give. It’s best to keep in contact with family and friends currently.

Are you writing any songs in lockdown?

No, I am not in the mood. We have just released an album in February. Beforehand, we managed to do one tour which is something. We could record something new, but every band seems to be doing it. I believe that there will be an avalanche of new material being released next year. I would rather wait until next year when we can promote our new album.

Have you always wanted to be a musician when you grew up?

Yes I always have. When I was a child, the biggest wish of mine is to be a musician and tour the world. That what I did and that is what I still do.

Any messages for the fans?

Check out the new album Illuminati, we hope to come back soon to play live again.

Thank you for takin the time to talk to Rock Out Stand Out.

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