NEWS: STORTREGN – Sign With Black Lion Records For Special Re-Release Of ‘Evocation Of Light’

Swiss Blackened Death metallers STORTREGN have partnered with Black Lion Records for a special re-release of the band’s second album ‘Evocation of Light’.

Black Lion Records stated:
“We are pleased to announce that we have formed a alliance with Swiss Blackened Death Metallers STORTREGN in order to unearth their back catalog namely their second full length Evocation Of Light which will see its new treatment on CD And Limited Digipak\merch. The time frame is set for All Hallows’ Eve 2020 release once again! We are looking forward to seeing our collaboration begin!”

Adds the band:
“We are very proud to announce the signing with Black Lion Records for the special re-release of our 2013’s classic “Evocation Of Light”. The re-release will also feature special content and some hidden lost gems from the past!”

Stream ‘An Evocation Of Light’ below:

Find STORTREGN on Facebook.

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