ALBUM REVIEW: Pale Blue Moon – The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out was first seen as a book title by American physicist Richard Reynman in 1999. That title alone is satisfying, this is something we all feel when we discover something we didn’t know before. It is now the title for Irish Rockers PALE BLUE MOON’s debut album. This album takes you on a journey chapter by chapter through brilliantly written lyrics and fantastic music.

The album kicks off with single Supernatural. Most album openers hit you right on in the face or entice you in slowly. Supernatural does neither of these however it draws you in its own subtle way. It piques your interest enough to find out what the rest of the album contains. Jack Murphy’s opening riffs of the track remind me of the start of a documentary about something fascinating. His riffs evoke discovery by stimulating your curiosity.

Supernatural was released a year ago so I can understand why this album is a highly anticipated release. During the production of this record, vocalist Shane Kelly suffered two strokes but this didn’t deter him. He completed mixing the album from his hospital bed via Skype. Fortunately, he has now fully recovered. In terms of their sound, it’s hard to pinpoint who they sound like. If I were to liken them to band, Finnish alternative rockers UNIKLUBI come to mind. I think this is mainly down to vocal work and their straight forward melodies. This is a good thing by the way.

Don’t Wake Up is reminiscent of nineties/noughties alternative rock. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS come to mind when I hear Jack’s funky sounding guitar riffs and solos. I didn’t think it was possible for a funky sounding track to also be somewhat calming but PALE BLUE MOON seem to achieve this.

When I first listened to What Do You Know?, I am reminded of KISSIN DYNAMITE’s ballad You’re Still Around. In terms of melody and vocal work, they sound similar to one another. Not so much so that you can’t tell the songs apart. It’s also not a bad thing as You’re Still Around is a beautiful song. Like You’re Still Around, What Do You Know? contains a touching melody and soaring vocals that help you escape for those few minutes to a calm serenity. I can imagine a venue full of smartphone lights and lighters as this ballad plays live.

OASIS classic Don’t Look Back In Anger comes to mind when I first heard the opening to Rise Up. It’s no secret that the song Don’t Look Back In Anger gets full stadiums singing along to every word and clinging onto the electric atmosphere it creates. Rise Up could easily head this way. I can see a stadium full of people singing along to the empowering chorus lyrics “Rise Up this is your space”. There are soaring music arrangements that fans will want to immerse deeply into.

It ends on a relaxing note via the track Floating. I have heard many endings to rock albums, the closing song is either an empowering rock ballad or it gives you one last explosive blast. Ending on a track that Enya could have written is a first for me. For the concept of this record, this works and I found my mind…well floating.

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out is a solid debut album that long-time fans have been waiting for. It will also entice new listeners to join the PALE BLUE MOON family. It’s suitable for immersing into and background noise as you do your tasks, whatever you choose is up to you!

Rating: 8/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

The Pleasure Of Finding Things Out will be released this Monday.

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