EP REVIEW: Fleshdriver – Leech

Introducing American Death metal band FLESHDRIVER. The band are due to release their impressive debut EP titled Leech. Through the pandemonium and fury, the bands phenomenal talents send waves of potent brutal, rawness within the tracks.

Leech introduces us to the brutal force of Tyler Denslow’s fierce guitar riffs. Quinn Riley’s drumbeats are an adrenaline rush. This is a short but brutal two-minute track that demonstrates to us what is in store for the listeners. This piece has powerful lyrics that rock the listeners to their core. One lyric I thought was particularly memorable was as follows; “Separate the fact from the fool, do not mistake the truth can be cruel”.

The band delivers with fury and passion during the track Soul ThirstTyler’s vocals give the verses a harsh and gruff ambience. Quinn’s drumbeats are vigorous and passionate. I love the harshness of the track and the talent of the two band members working together seamlessly. The track communicates within the lyrics feeling of hopelessness and worthlessness. Lyrics such as “Hopeless, feeling, worthlessness, what it is that drags us down? Fears that coalesce” provide solid proof of feeling worthless and hopeless.

Kingdom Of Rats starts off with Tyler’s skilled guitar playing that gives us brutal riffs. Tyler’s vocals enthral us in this vigorous track with its raw and gruff style. The aggression of the track gives us a surge of adrenaline in which I vigorously headbanged. This piece has memorable lyrics that were fierce and passionate. The lyric “Choke on your words, die with your intellect, Suffocate on your disparity”. is just one example of what I mean.

Morte Agitur starts off with a brutal ambience from Tyler’s vigorous guitar solo. Tyler’s vocals captivate us with its rawness and potency. The aggression of the track gives the listeners a fierce insight into this spectacular album.

The Golden Calf features the stunning performance of Tyler’s guitar shredding. Quinn’s drumbeats provide a fast-paced rhythm that powers ferocity into the track. Tyler’s vocals are full of a raw, guttural quality. During the song, I felt full of exhilaration to experience the passion behind this piece. This track reminds me of GRAVE and ENTOMBED. This is due to the style of how the instruments are orchestrated. I also noticed while listening to this track that the vocals follow a similar pitch to these bands.

This EP has left me hungry for more. The tracks are strong consisting of gruff vocals, finger blistering guitar work, pounding bass-lines, vigorous drums and striking lyrics. This is a perfect teaser EP for what is in store for the listeners in the future.

Rating: 8/10

Words: Becky Weale

Leech is out tomorrow via Redefining Darkness Records.

Find FLESHDRIVER on Facebook.

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