ALBUM REVIEW: Warkings – Revenge

International metal band WARKINGS have released their long awaited follow up to Reborn. Revenge is rich of tales of battle, revenge, and the Gods. It’s a listening feast that will have you roaring a battle cry.

In the track Freedom, the listeners are lured in with a haunting bagpipe intro. The Viking’s bass and The Crusader’s guitar give an epic shredding experience. The Tribune’s vocals accentuate the passion and loyalty to the cause. In this track, GRAVE DIGGER come to mind due to the selection of the topic of the battle being in Scotland.

During the track Maximus, The Viking’s bass riffs are powerful enough to wake Odin himself. The Tribune’s vocals are elegant and powerful within the verses. The Spartan’s drums are full of thunderous beats that rumble within the background. This track is from the perspective of Maximus a gladiator forced to battle in the arena. A section of lyrics that demonstrate this are as follows, “For the people, the masses, Blood and games for the crowd, No one cares for the living”. 

Warriors start off with The Viking’s unholy tune from his epic bass that sets the piece ablaze. The Tribune’s vocals engage us with his passion for the taste of battle. During these lyrics within this track I could feel the vengeance within his heart. “We are the shadow and the dragon’s call, born to fight and die, order of the dark”.

Fight In The Shade starts off with a Middle Eastern flare that captivates you. This is an unfamiliar addition at this point in the album. The Viking’s bass explodes into the track like a beam of energy. The Crusader’s guitar follows suit with his adrenaline-charged riffs. The Spartan’s drumbeats are effective at obtaining a vigorous quality. The Tribune’s vocals communicate a battle featuring the Romans. These are some lyrics I feel provide a perfect example.Rise against the tyranny, we will never bend our knees again, we will kill the enemy”.

Odin’s Sons features the bellowing sound of the Viking’s horn a strong and powerful signal for the clan. The Viking’s bass takes charges as he goes equipped into a shredding battle. The Crusader grabs his guitar and takes up arms joins in the shredding battle. AD INFINITUM’s Melissa Bonny (The Queen Of The Dammed) gruff vocals injects the song with aggression. Accompanying her in the quest is The Tribune who offers a softer side to the vocal duo.

Banners High starts off with The Viking’s dramatic sorrowful bassline. The Tribune’s vocals tell a tale of a battle and the pride of the warriors carrying their banners high. The Spartan’s drumbeats gave the track power and vibrancy within the background. I felt the passion and honour of the warriors within this track.  

Mirror Mirror starts off with the powerful and energetic edition of The Viking’s bass. Later is joined by The Crusader’s guitar shredding. The band make Odin proud with the energy they are all projecting. The Tribune’s vocals give us an explosion of intensity as the passion flows in the lyrics. The Spartan’s drumbeats offer us a deep resonating sound of battle.

Azrael starts off with a Middle Eastern chant to set the scene of the battle. The Viking’s bassline invades the tracks with its intensity and force. The Tribune’s vocals create a feeling of anguish as he reveals the lyrics. The Spartan’s drums create an adrenaline filled beat in the backing track. It’s a dark song communicating a tale of the angel of death Azrael.

Battle Of Marathon starts off with raw powerful energy from The Viking’s skilled shredding. The Crusader’s guitar riffs propel the track with its passion and vigour. The Tribune’s vocals communicate a heroic tale of a warrior in battle. The Spartan’s drumbeats are full of ferocity and passion for the cause. This is a tale of the WARKING’S battling with the underworld to continue their newfound freedom.

Warking delivers us a fist pumping anthem as its finale. Passionate and fierce battle cries command the track. The Viking dominates the intro with an energetic bass line. The Crusader’s guitar riffs solidify the vigorous battle theme. The band join in unison to chant the verse “I am a warking!”. The Tribune’s iron lung vocals pierce the ambience and gives the track a powerful edge.

This album is a triumph and an epic follow up to the 2018 album Reborn. This was a listening feast of heroic battle tales and heroes. This is an album I would recommend listening to.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Becky Weale

Revenge is out now.

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