NEWS: FOUL BODY AUTOPSY – To Live Stream A Special Halloween Performance Of New EP, Consumed By Black Thoughts!

This Halloween, October 31stTom Reynolds – the man behind the moniker Foul Body Autopsy – will be performing the entirety of the new Consumed By Black Thoughts EP live and streaming it for free at the Foul Body Autopsy Facebook page. What better way to celebrate the darkest night of the year?

All you need to do is head to for 9pm UK Time on Halloween, ready for some of the finest melodic death metal around.

Consumed By Black Thoughts has been picking up some fantastic reviews since its release and this is the perfect opportunity for you to discover what all the fuss is about – with the added intensity of a live performance.

“Powerful, personal with a riptide of emotion…” – MAYHEM RADIO 5/5

“… kick-ass riffing and guttural growls…” – GAMES, BRAAAINS & A HEADBANGING LIFE 9/10

“…this is the kind of release that the world needs.” – ROCK ‘N’ LOAD 9/10

This will be the last live performance of any kind from Foul Body Autopsy in 2020, so don’t miss it! October 31st 9pm UK Time

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