NEWS: SEPULTURA – To Host SepulQuarta Mental Health Special Today

SEPULTURA are dedicating this week’s ‘SepulQuarta’ session to mental health awareness, and will be welcoming the famous artist Derek Hess alongside America Paredes from Mental Health America for a chat. Derek Hess made his mark by creating an own unique style of work, making strong connections in the music world, whereas Mental Health America is the United States’ leading community-based non-profit dedicated to addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all. In a Q&A, they will explore the critical questions about mental illness that exist in the music industry and how it ties into even broader issues such as depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Derrick Green comments: “Many may easily dismiss the idea of depression and anxiety with the idea that everyone feels sad, moody or low at times. However, depression and anxiety can develop into serious illnesses which impact upon both the physical and mental health of an individual and those around them.”

The round will be completed by PERIPHERY‘s Mark Holcomb, joining for a quarantine version of ‘Phantom Self‘ from SEPULTURA‘s fourteenth studio album Machine Messiah (2017). His band’s latest release, Periphery IV: Hail Stan, was met with rave reviews and reached #1 on the US Independent Albums chart.

Join the band TODAY at 8pm BST:

Find SEPULTURA on Facebook.

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