ALBUM REVIEW: Pyramaze – Epitaph

An Epitaph is a memory or statement, for something or someone, that has since passed. Pierce through the veil and witness the evocation that PYRAMAZE have forged. Standing strong against the annals of time, with no chance of fading from memory any time soon.

With instrumental introduction Epitaph, it is more akin to that of an opening film score. Setting the scene and leaving us with much more to discover.

A Stroke of Magic was the first single release of the album and wets your palate with a taste of what is in store throughout. There is some arcane guitar work in play from both Jacob Hansen and Toke Skjønnemand, which is simply spellbinding.

Steal My Crown. From an ethereal intro this soon turns into a melodic box of delights. It is a very keyboard orientated track and allows Jonah W. to shine. Lyrics such as “chasing all the ghosts inside my head, feeling all the pains all I was dead” enhances the eldritch vibe.

Knights In Shining Armour, the intro to this track is reminiscent of a medieval piece, instantly transporting one to the Middle Ages: “knights in shining armour, on a quest for power” It allows vocalist Terje Harøy to show his range and this is a fine example of melodic power metal.

With Bird Of Prey you soar through the skies with this sentimental and reflective song: “when the bird of prey was done breaking hopes, in a body that still holds to your soul.” Pierce the veil of memory and reflect upon one’s past deeds.

Your Last Call features elements not dissimilar to that of KAMELOT or SONATA ARCTICA. The lyrics come at you thick and fast from the offset “out of sight, out of mind with nothing left to say” which enthral you from start to finish.

Particle is the most recent single that was released from the album.  It has tastes of EVERGREY and SERENITY, being melancholic in its delivery, whilst making good use of haunting keyboards and symphonic sections.  

Indestructible is reflective of current situations “I don’t know what we’re fighting for, why we try to die so young, when we are indestructible” Why do we need to rush ahead with trying to achieve everything that the pressures of society force upon us? Realistically, we should take note of this message and enjoy life one day at a time.

Transcendence features guest vocals from Brittney Slayes (UNLEASH THE ARCHERS) which beautifully intertwine with those of Terje Harøy in this harmonic ballad. It also features wonderful symphonic compositions and a powerful set of guitar solos.

Final Hour is a very catchy track, blending the music and the lyrics perfectly. Although the shortest track on the album (barring the intro) it still holds its own by utilising tempo changes, instrumental sections, and a punchy chorus.

World Foregone it is clear to see why this song was chosen as one of the singles for the album. It builds up like a tidal wave before changing pace into a prophetic chorus “how long, how long, can we go on, go on…” It is reflective of the world’s climate change issues, therefore offering a striking and resounding message. Staying with you long after the song comes to a close.

The Time Traveller is a fitting title choice to journey through the timestream. There are some mighty melodic progressive sections within whilst utilising the bands history. Featuring guest vocals from former vocalists Matt Barlow (Ex-ICED EARTH) and Lance King. It has some dark and foreboding lyrics such as “I reflect and collect, their black souls” and “the spirit of what could have been”There are some amazing harmonising between all three vocalists amidst their respective vocal exchanges, which is nothing short of magnificent. This is a powerful and epic song.

This is a band that I saw back in 2006 at Bloodstock Open Air and regrettably, had not delved into their discography properly. After listening to Epitaph, I will be changing that. This has been an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to finish. A melodic masterstroke that everyone can enjoy.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Martin White

Epitaph is out now.

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