EP REVIEW: Dendera – Reborn Into Darkness

Hailing from the southern realms of the UK, are a band carving their name into the annals of heavy metal. DENDERA are undoubtedly and unquestionably a band on the rise. Rejuvenating their craft and polishing their musicianship with each sequential offering. This is especially so with their upcoming release Reborn Into Darkness.

This is the second of two EP’s the band has released. Following on from 2017’s masterful Part One – Blood Red Sky, this release shows the bands darker side. Mirroring how we are all witnessing the situations across the globe today.

Insurrection is a fitting opening instrumental track for a band that are breaking the mould and reinvigorating their sound. It has all the elements of a cinematic opening score clearly prophesising the rebellion in store.

In The Void, you can instantly hear how the band have pushed themselves and blossomed, utilising guttural vocals (yes, you read that correctly!) amidst sweeping melodic sections that would not be amiss amongst melodic-death and metalcore bands. Lyrically it metaphorically breaks down the hierarchy “deliverance, will be this day, the empire will crumble, with nowhere left you run!” and “the web of lies, brings your demise.

The End Of Days channels and harnesses those thrash-like vibes that have worked so well for the quintet to date. These feature alongside guest vocals from Tom Barber of CHELSEA GRIN, whilst allowing vocalist Ashley Edison to show his diverse range. This has been favourably ignited since becoming the vocalist for POWER QUEST yet highlighting that DENDERA are a completely different kind of beast. This is an ample opportunity to bang ones head and to also sing along with the chorus “brought to life from your lies, your fears reveal a darkened light spiralling into your broken mind”

Endless Suffering features some guest guitar work from Tommy Johannson of SABATON, however this does not take away anything at all from the twin axe attack of Stephen Main and David Stanton, it just further amplifies the dynamics of the track. It is a delight too that this is also a very bass laden track with deep resonating lines courtesy of Bradley Edison.

Reborn has some mighty drumming on behalf of Andy Finch keeping alive the themes centred throughout the release. Also featuring guest vocals from CJ McMahon of Thy Art is Murder which provide a mighty force that harmonises well alongside Ashley Edison’s vocals on this track too, perfectly intertwining the clean and harsh vocals in unison.

There is plenty on offer that long-time fans of the band will enjoy, yet it also harnesses that drive to progress, break boundaries, and reaches out to ensnare an ever-growing fan base. Getting heavier with each addition to their repertoire DENDERA have most certainly been reborn.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Martin White

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