ALBUM REVIEW: Everdawn – Cleopatra

As most of you know, Symphonic Metal is my personal favourite sub-genre of metal. It shows you that opposites can attract to create something truly special. EVERDAWN’s upcoming record Cleopatra showcases this remarkably well, it also shows us why the band are future icons for this genre.

The album kicks off with Ghost Shadow Requiem. The majestic symphonic arrangements and haunting choirs caught my attention right away. One of the other elements I noticed is Alina Gavrilenko’s beautiful and vast vocal range, NIGHTWISH’s Floor Jansen comes to mind when I hear this stunning vocal work. Let’s also give a hat tip towards Richard Fischer’s finger blistering guitar work that will have you practicing air guitar. This is only the first song, there is more of this beauty to experience.

There is excellence and sophistication throughout the record. There are no fillers on this album, each track stands out in their own unique and special way. Each song contains dominant riffs, thunderous drums, prevailing vocals, pounding basslines and majestic arrangements. Below are just a few examples of what I mean.

Stranded In Bangalore is one of my personal favourite tracks on the album and I shall tell you why. It packs a punch right from start. Dan Prestup’s thunderous drums, Richard’s riffs and the bombastic symphonic arrangements play a huge part here. The melody of this song is stunning, especially within the chorus as it goes along the lyrics “every night every day, we’re stranded in Bangalore”. It’s one of those songs where you only have to look at the title and it’s stuck in your head.

Your Majesty Sadness was released as a single recently and I am glad. It shows us another side of Alina’s vocal range and one that works well. THERION’s Thomas Vikström makes a guest appearance her, both voices harmonise together perfectly. Given what the song seems to be about, Alina and Thomas do so well to portray the sadness behind the lyrics “don’t turn away, you’ve got to stay”.

Pariah’s Revenge intrigued me. A pariah is another word for outcast and given this track sounds different to the other tracks on the album, this is the outcast of the album. Not that it’s a bad thing of course. In fact, it’s great to have something different to break things up. I notice this has futuristic and electronic sounds, AMARANTHE come to mind when I hear these. Despite these differences, you still hear the core of EVERDAWN’s sound.

With a title like Heart Of A Lion, you expect to feel powerful and confident once you listen to the track. I am pleased to say, it does not disappoint and it fulfils it’s purpose. You are treated to a heroic symphonic piece alongside a pumping riff right from the get-go.

From the first few seconds of Rider Of The Storm, you can tell this track name is apt. Judging from these powerful arrangements and encouraging lyrics such as “If you ever turn away, tenacious dreams will save the day”, it’s a song about overcoming fears and obstacles to achieve your goals. I felt a sense of empowerment when listening to this and my motivation reignited.

It concludes grandly with The Last Eden. It gives us one last blast whilst leaving us hankering for more. The best album closers do this. EVERDAWN showcase their stunning musicianship right until the end.

Cleopatra is a Symphonic Metal gem that will be cherished and admired. Whether you are a long-time fan or a new listener, you will be captivated by this album’s beauty. EVERDAWN are future icons of Symphonic Metal and this album is solid proof.

Rating: 10/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Cleopatra will be released 5th February 2021 via Sensory Records.

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