“We can’t wait to perform it live for the world.”

The year has just begun and we are already hearing some great music. EVERDAWN are Symphonic Metal icons in the making and their latest release Cleopatra is solid proof of this. Rock Out Stand Out's Lotty Whittingham spoke to drummer Dan Prestup about this latest release, what has helped him cope with the pandemic and … Continue reading “We can’t wait to perform it live for the world.”

ALBUM REVIEW: Everdawn – Cleopatra

As most of you know, Symphonic Metal is my personal favourite sub-genre of metal. It shows you that opposites can attract to create something truly special. EVERDAWN’s upcoming record Cleopatra showcases this remarkably well, it also shows us why the band are future icons for this genre. The album kicks off with Ghost Shadow Requiem. … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Everdawn – Cleopatra