ALBUM REVIEW: Primitai – Violence Of The Skies

Heavy Metal troupe PRIMITAI have been on my radar for a while now. Understandably, they are one of the best rising stars in Heavy Metal. Their bombastic sounds and energy fuelled live shows have rightly gained them fans and recognition over the years. Their latest release Violence Of The Skies will only ensure this sterling reputation the band have built for themselves.

When opening Stars Are My Guide started, I instantly noticed a more progressive feel to their. This transitions to their core sound, it left me wondering if they were trying something different. Given the theme of this album, this sound works in their favour. Alongside empowering lyrics such as “I am my own master”, this was a great way to open the album.

Throughout the album, I notice this difference in other tracks of the album. It leaves me wondering if this was a new direction they are going with their sound or if it is just for this album alone. Either way, I personally like this new take on their sound. They also manage to keep to the main core of their sound which is great.

Tracks such as Valley Of Darkness and The Cold Surface Of The Moon demonstrate these new progressive sounds that I talk of.

Valley Of Darkness wouldn’t be out of place on an EVERGREY album, that might me due to Guy Miller’s vocal work reminding me of EVERGREY’s Tom Englund and everything else sounding vast and empty. This works for this track as it is about that loneliness of leaving everything behind.

The Cold Surface Of The Moon is very different to what I have heard PRIMITAI produce before and I like it. It’s one of the most interesting songs I have heard in terms of song structure. Whatever it was, it kept my curiosity piqued.

There are also tracks on here that I would call typical PRIMITAI tracks. These include The Uprising, Warriors Of Time and Put To The Sword.

The Uprising contains those pumping melodies and rhythms that PRIMITAI are known for. I found myself mouthing along to the heroic chant “the uprising” on the first listen and when the second chorus came around.  Hats off to Srdjan Bilic and Sergio “Cheko” Pedro Giron for their finger blistering riffs and solos as always.

I was very taken with the eighties style intro in Warriors Of Time, in fact the rest of the track wouldn’t be out of place in an eighties action film. The eighties is my favourite decade for films so this is a glowing compliment. Expect an instant power boost when listening to this.

Put To The Sword was released as a single and I am very glad it was. From the word go, you already know you will feel powerful and mighty after listening to this track. RUNNING WILD come to mind when I hear those swashbuckling rhythms and party vibes.

The closing track Storm Kings may remind PRIMITAI fans of The Cannibal, a song from 2013’s Rise Again and one that drew me to the band in the first instance. This is due down the rhythm and melody, not to mention the same amount of mightiness. The bonus tracks The Huntress and Prophecies are worth checking out too.

Violence Of The Skies is PRIMITAI’s most ambitious album to date. They pushed the boundaries with this sound on this one and it paid off. I have no doubt these tracks will be live anthems once they are back on the road again.

Rating: 9/10

Words: Lotty Whittingham

Violence Of The Skies is out now.

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